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My New Zealand big year (1 Viewer)


UK Bird guide
Hi all,

I am currently doing a big year out here in New Zealand and thought I would call it out on this forum for anyone interested in following. it has been a really exciting adventure to be doing this and I am getting closer to breaking the previous record of 220 birds all seen.

My aim is to do this while recording and counting as many birds as I can through ebird in order to provide bird atlas data while also having a lot of fun along the way. It is now mid August and I have seen 217 species so far and I am hoping to add a few more to the list before the deadline of December 31st. This has included a trip around mainland New Zealand back in January, a trip to the Kermadec islands and if all goes to plan I am also planning to visit Fiordland's dusky sound exploring the shelf edge while also doing a 'Birding down under' trip with Heritage expeditions visiting the Chatham islands and the sub-Antarctic islands in December.

For anyone who is interested I am capturing this adventure through short videos, pictures and trip reports on Facebook and Instagram (which I am told you can view even if you don't use these platforms) which you can follow on Log in or sign up to view or Login • Instagram

Anyway you may or may not be interested in following but a few people have suggested I draw attention to it on the forum so feel free to follow if you wish.

The list of what I have seen so far is below...

217 Shore Plover
216 Pink footed shearwater
215 Grey backed storm petrel
214 Southern fulmar
213 Grey petrel
212 White headed petrel
211 Grey headed albatross
210 Soft plumage petrel
209 Hudsonian godwit
208 Galah
207 southern giant petrel
206 short tailed shearwater
205 northern shoveler
204 white winged tern
203 little spotted kiwi
202 little egret
201 kermadec storm petrel
200 long tailed skua
199 sooty tern
198 black noddy
197 Wilson’s storm petrel
196 south polar skua
195 collared petrel
194 great frigatebirds
193 red footed booby
192 brown noddy
191 white tern
190 Gould’s petrel
189 red tailed tropicbird
188 masked booby
187 kermadec petrel
186 Antarctic prion
185 white bellied storm petrel
184 grey ternlet
183 white necked petrel
182 providence petrel
181 wedge tailed shearwater
180 black winged petrel
179 nz storm petrel
178 laughing kookaburra
177 marsh crake
176 pycrofts petrel
175 Campbell albatross
174 black browed albatross
173 little shearwater
172 Black petrel
171 Cattle Egret
170 Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
169 Flesh-footed Shearwater
168 South Island Takahe
167 North Island Kokako
166 Black-tailed Godwit
165 Australian Shelduck
164 Terek Sandpiper
163 White-throated Needletail
162 Gull-billed Tern
161 Pallid Cuckoo
160 Brown Quail
159 North Island Brown Kiwi
158 Wandering Tattler
157 Barn Owl
156 Australasian Grebe
155 Australian Fairy Tern
154 Pacific Reef-Heron
153 Wild Turkey
152 Greater Sand-Plover
151 Far Eastern Curlew
150 Lesser Sand-Plover
149 Buff-banded Rail
148 Spotted Dove
147 Australasian Bittern
146 Pacific Golden-Plover
145 Plumed Whistling-Duck
144 Spotless Crake
143 Rook
142 Rufous Night-Heron
141 Common Myna
140 Indian Peafowl
139 Little Tern
138 Common Tern
137 Eastern Rosella
136 African Collared-Dove
135 New Zealand Grebe
134 Black-fronted Dotterel
133 Brown Teal
132 Whitehead
131 North Island Saddleback
130 Stitchbird
129 North Island Robin
128 Great Spotted Kiwi
127 Little Black Cormorant
126 Okarito Brown Kiwi
125 Great Egret
124 Fiordland Penguin
123 Long-tailed Koel
122 Chukar
121 Blue Duck
120 South Island Wren
119 Kea
118 Curlew Sandpiper
117 Shining Bronze-Cuckoo
116 Rifleman
115 Yellowhead
114 Pipipi
113 Brown Skua
112 Buller's Albatross
111 Buller's Shearwater
110 New Zealand Kaka
109 Southern Brown Kiwi
108 Morepork
107 Red-crowned Parakeet
106 Cook's Petrel
105 Otago Shag
104 Common Diving-Petrel
103 Common Greenshank
102 Red-breasted Dotterel
101 Australasian Pipit
100 New Zealand Fernbird
99 Yellow-eyed Penguin
98 Stewart Island Shag
97 Marsh Sandpiper
96 Pectoral Sandpiper
95 Gray-tailed Tattler
94 Ring-necked Pheasant
93 Wrybill
92 Sharp-tailed Sandpiper
91 Red-necked Stint
90 Cape Barren Goose
89 Sanderling
88 Black Stilt
87 Mute Swan
86 Lesser Redpoll
85 Little Owl
84 White-capped Albatross
83 Salvin's Albatross
82 Northern Royal Albatross
81 Southern Royal Albatross
80 Wandering Albatross
79 Cape Petrel
78 Gray-faced Petrel
77 Fairy Prion
76 White-chinned Petrel
75 Westland Petrel
74 Sooty Shearwater
73 Gray Gerygone
72 Northern Giant-Petrel
71 Hutton's Shearwater
70 Hoary-headed Grebe
69 Great Crested Grebe
68 Black-fronted Tern
67 Double-banded Plover
66 Whimbrel
65 Ruddy Turnstone
64 Red Knot
63 European Greenfinch
62 Great Cormorant
61 Graylag Goose
60 Maned Duck
59 South Island Oystercatcher
58 Bar-tailed Godwit
57 Caspian Tern
56 New Zealand Scaup
55 Black-billed Gull
54 White-faced Heron
53 New Zealand Falcon
52 Yellow-crowned Parakeet
51 South Island Robin
50 Weka
49 Variable Oystercatcher
48 Little Penguin
47 Malherbe's Parakeet
46 Tui
45 South Island Saddleback
44 Tomtit
43 Parasitic Jaeger
42 White-fronted Tern
41 Fluttering Shearwater
40 Australasian Gannet
39 Spotted Shag
38 New Zealand King Shag
37 California Quail
36 Rock Pigeon
35 New Zealand Pigeon
34 Pied Cormorant
33 Sacred Kingfisher
32 New Zealand Bellbird
31 Canada Goose
30 Black Swan
29 Paradise Shelduck
28 Australian Shoveler
27 Pacific Black Duck
26 Mallard
25 Gray Teal
24 Eurasian Coot
23 Australasian Swamphen
22 Pied Stilt
21 Masked Lapwing
20 Silver Gull
19 Kelp Gull
18 Little Pied Cormorant
17 Glossy Ibis
16 Royal Spoonbill
15 Swamp Harrier
14 Australian Magpie
13 New Zealand Fantail
12 Eurasian Skylark
11 Welcome Swallow
10 Silvereye
9 European Starling
8 Song Thrush
7 Eurasian Blackbird
6 Dunnock
5 House Sparrow
4 Common Chaffinch
3 European Goldfinch
2 Cirl Bunting
1 Yellowhammer
Heard only
Mottled petrel

Feral birds not counted
Muscovy duck
Helmeted Guineafowl

Other notable animals
Pilot whale
Bottle nosed dolphin
Hammerhead shark
Galapagos shark
Green turtle
Oceanic white tipped shark
Mako shark
Common dolphin
Humpback whale
Dusky dolphin
Hectors dolphin
Black rat
Common brush tail possum
European hedgehog
Sperm whale


Well-known member
Thanks for sharing! I had honestly really just wondered how many species one might bag during a NZ Big Year.
Besides vagrants, are there any possible species still left for you? How are the various offshore islands treated during NZ Big Years?

Also, I was surprised to find Rook on the NZ list, can't really believe people willingly introduced this species, which certainly doesn't get much love in its native range.

And is Kermadec Storm-Petrel really considered a distinct species by New Zealanders?

I'll be happily following your Big Year on Facebook, though as a German I know almost nothing about the native NZ birds.

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