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Visited patch yesterday and found a flurry of activity with lots of birds singing. Skylarks where also singing and a pleasure to listen to.
When i arrived at the lagoon i found a beautiful adult iceland gull roosting, it flew of soon after. There were also 9 pochard(4 pairs and a lone male), i had one snipe but sure there were more feeding in flooded fields nearby. 12 tufted duck were present and low count of only 2(male and fem) shoveler.About 15 gadwall were present. Along with the iceland gull there was about 700 black-headed gulls, 10 herring, 5 common and 3 lesser-black backed gulls. A large flock of lapwing was also present( about 600). Leaving that i walked to woodland where along with all the common woodland birds there was a treecreeper. Then i heard cettis warbler coming from the reedbed.
later that day i revisited the lagoon looking for the iceland which was gone. But i did see a beautiful barn owl hunting in the nearby field.
Attached are pics of the barn owl and the iceland gull.


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