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My Review of a 8x32 EL; 8x30 SLC NEU and a 8x30 CL (all brand new bino's) (1 Viewer)

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Well in addition to selling his 8x30 CL's, I see that Dennis now his his 8.5x42 EL SV's up for sale on the bay. Guess another has learned that you don't have to spend a lot of $$ for good binos.

I am sorry I think you do have to spend alot of money for good optics. The Swarovski 8.5x42 SV's optically are the best binoculars I have looked through but they are heavy for me. The Zeiss 8x32 FL's are very close to the SV's and they are 10 oz. lighter. I decided I would rather give up a tad bit in optics and have a binocular I can hold and carry all day in comfort. I like 32mm's for birding and the Zeiss FL's are probably overall my favorite. Of course the FL's aren't exactly cheap either. The FL's don't have the sharp edges of the SV but I think CA is a little bit better controlled and they present a nice color free bright image with a big 420 FOV. The case, strap, and lens covers all work great and the FL's fit my hands great. I would definitely look at a Swarovision 8x32 EL if they come out with one if they are under 20 0z. but for now the FL is pretty good.


United States
OK, I'll stick to my Pentax 8x32, a bit heavier than the CL, but slightly wider field. 23.5 oz.


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Time for a message from the mods in this thread warning of banishment from the site if the main protagonists don't behave themselves, it's becoming like the Rare Bird forum in lots of ways;)


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Dear Colleagues.
How do you think about the new Swarovski CL 8x30 in comparison with the Carl Zeiss Jena 8x30 (DDR) and BPO 7x30 (USSR binoculars)?


Gijs van Ginkel

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Dear all,
I also like the 7x30 SLC and I asked one of he Swarovski directors once why it was not produced anymore. The answer: the customers do not want it, we can hardly sell them anymore. So we users are to blame that Swarovski stopped making it. A remark about the 7x30 SLC: the colour reproduction of it is definitely fairly yellow and light transmission over the whole spectral range is considerably lower than the light transmission of the later produced 8x30SLC and 8x30 SLC New models. To my surprise nobody mentiones the 8x30 Habicht Porro, which is really of excellent quality: very bright image due to a light transmission of approx.95%. Somthing one has to become accustomed to is that the focussing wheel has a fairly high turning resistance, but the optical quality is superb and the price is attractive. Moreover the binocular is very light which helps when one has to carry it for longer periods.

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