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Mystery BOP (1 Viewer)


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Walking across Chingford Plain, Grtr.London, Essex, at 9.38 am today, I espied this falcon rising languidly into the air...clearly a big, long-winged bird with brown upperparts/dark hands and darkish underparts, leisurely heading West over the forest/plain edge before disappearing out of sight. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I was able to get these two shots off. What does the forum think?



  • Ching Plain falcon 1.jpg
    Ching Plain falcon 1.jpg
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  • Ching Plain falcon 2..jpg
    Ching Plain falcon 2..jpg
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Without any detail in the photos. If there was no description, and going on the second pic only I would have gone for peregrine.



looks very long-tailed for a Peregrine, especially in first pic, looks closer to Lanner but that's just a feeling, not an ID, anyway Large Falcons nowadays can be anything including all kind of hybrids


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In my opinion...with many years of watching Peregrines particularly now in London, I'm certainly au fait with their variable structure. Apart from having rich brown upperparts with a contrasting dark hand, the bird seemed longer bodied and winged, than any Peregrine that I have ever seen. Indeed my first reaction was what the ''hell'' is this? Although never having seen Saker before..would anybody who has seen Saker particularly well..like to comment?

lou salomon

the birdonist
really hard to tell but might be a hybrid. pure saker usually looks even broader winged but as said hard to tell from these pics.

Valéry Schollaert

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I agree it doesn"t look pure peregrine. It can be a escaped Lanner (size of moustache and description matches), or indeed Saker x Peregrine... or even a Prairie Falcon!

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