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Hello there gurus.

Please kindly help to id this bird. Caught from my window here in New Jersey. I've seen this bird several times. When she leans forward, her crown down to her back is grayish. I have many goldfinches around and do not thing she is one. When her back is turned, however, she has blackish wings with white barrings like a goldfinch. Is she just a big one...?



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Katy Penland

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Sure looks like a female American goldfinch to me. She's fluffed up from the cold which could make her seem a lot larger than she really is.


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It's not a warbler,undertail pattern does not match any warbler we see here.No streaking on chest or flanks.American Golfinch fall plumage for me too.


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Note also the thick stubby bill - definitely not a warbler bill. Bill shape/size is one of the most useful characteristics to use for bird id. I agree with the others - American Goldfinch.


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Also Jarrod,if you search the gallery,you will see this undertail pattern(my favorite I.D tool)matches the American Goldfinch.
Good luck.Kevin.......


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Yeah I dont think there is a Warbler with such a forked tail. So I'm going with the female american Goldfinch too.

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