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Name a Bird You've Seen 2 (6 Viewers)


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8556 Antarctic Tern. Occurs in South Georgia


  • South Polar Skua and Antarctic Tern.jpg
    South Polar Skua and Antarctic Tern.jpg
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8560 Barau's Petrel

Two things to remember when going out on a boat on the sea:
1. Even if going scuba diving, take a camera for above water in case there's a species of petrel that you will never see again flying about when you finish the dive. Forgetting this is why I have no photo of Barau's Petrel.
2. Don't assume that birds will be the only thing to photograph and so think you just need a powerful lens. There might also be dolphins bow-riding, and to photograph them you need a fairly wide angle lens.
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8562 Whiskered Auklet. If you reflect the location of South Georgia across the whole of the Americas you get to the Aleutian Islands and a bird which is probably an example of parallel evolution with the diving-petrel.


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8568 Bali Myna. Am I allowed this? It was outside of the cage.


  • Bali Starling.JPG
    Bali Starling.JPG
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David and Sarah
8568 Bali Myna. Am I allowed this? It was outside of the cage.
On same day as this Bali Myna we saw
8569 Javan Banded Pitta one of my favourite birds


  • bali myna2.JPG
    bali myna2.JPG
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  • javan banded pitta male.JPG
    javan banded pitta male.JPG
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I was struggling to get a link to all the petrels, but I can get back into this now.
8570. Javan Blue Robin

That's broken quite a long run from Arbu and dandsblair!

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