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Name a Bird You've Seen 2 (3 Viewers)


David and Sarah
8710 Papuan Black Myzomela - these tiny honeyeaters with their decurved bills could on looks be mistaken for a sunbird and male on this one also even has red on the top of his head.


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8712 Gibberbird
Ashbyia lovensis. Named after James Love, born in County Tyrone, Ireland. Joseph Pentland was born in neighbouring County Donegal. Tinamotis pentlandii was named after him:

8713 Puna Tinamou


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Polioptila guianensis. Polios is Greek for grey. So I'll go for the grey-cheeked seedeater, Spermophaga poliogenys. Interestingly the scientific name seems to describe the female rather than the male, and I wonder how many bird species this is the case for. Not many I expect, and maybe the time is ripe for a campaign from some female birders to rectify this.

8715 Grant's Bluebill.

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