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Napamatt's 2010 List (1 Viewer)


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May 7th, Lake Hennessey

428. Western Kingbird
429. Western Grebe

May 9th, Oxbow, Napa

430. Cliff Swallow
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June 27th, St.Helena, CA

437. Pacific-slope Flycatcher
438. Wilson's Warbler
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July 12-13th, Whitefish, MT

440. American Redstart
441. MacGillivray's Warbler
442. Evening Grosbeak (L)
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July 30-31, Lake Tahoe and Washoe Valley, NV

443. Calliope Hummingbird (L)
444. Nashville Warbler
445. Prairie Falcon
446. Brown-headed Cowbird
447. Caspian Tern
448. Olive-sided Flycatcher
449. Black-billed Magpie
450. Western Wood-pewee
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September 14th, Lincoln Park, Chicago

Chicago in September and I forget my binoculars!!!!

456. Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
457. Northern Waterthrush
458. Black-crowned Night-Heron
459. Acadian Flycatcher (L)
460. Tennessee Warbler (L)
461. Swainson's Thrush
462. House Wren
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October 8-15th, Mala Mala, South Africa

An unplanned second visit was not expected to produce many birds after the amazing totals of the January trip.

468. Black Cuckooshrike
469. Spotted Dikkop
470. Little Egret
471. Lizard Buzzard
472. Sabota Lark
473. European Nightjar
474. Woollynecked Stork
475. Whitefaced Owl
476. Saddlebill Stork
477. Natal Robin-Chat (L)
478. Bearded Robin
479. Lemon Breasted Canary (L)
480. Harlequin Quail
481. Giant Eagle Owl
482. Black Swift
483. Kelp Gull
484. Grey-headed Gull

Also in London

485. Eurasian Kestrel
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Nov 5-7 Carmel, CA

486. California Gull
487. Surf Scoter
488. Sanderling
489. Townsend's Warbler
490. Hairy Wodpecker
491. Pacific Black-bellied Plover
492. Brandt's Cormorant
493. Pelagic Cormorant
494. Black Oystercatcher
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Clean Up - July, Napa

498. Swainson's Hawk

December, Napa

499. Barn Owl
500. Chestnut-backed Chickadee
501. Canvasback
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