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Nature is in Freefall - IPBES report (1 Viewer)

Chosun Juan

Given to Fly
Australia - Aboriginal
Summary for Policymakers:
Media Release:

Reporting in popular press:
"A three-year UN-backed study from the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform On Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services has grim implications for the future of humanity."

" Nature is in freefall and the planet’s support systems are so stretched that we face widespread species extinctions ...."

"The felling of forests, the over-exploitation of seas and soils, and the pollution of air and water are together driving the living world to the brink,"

"... tens of thousands of species are at high risk of extinction, how countries are using nature at a rate that far exceeds its ability to renew itself,

""We are at a crossroads. The historic and current degradation and destruction of nature undermine human well-being for current and countless future generations,” ..... “Land degradation, biodiversity loss and climate change are three different faces of the same central challenge: the increasingly dangerous impact of our choices on the health of our natural environment.”

"Indigenous communities often know best how to conserve nature ...."
“What surprised me the most about this study was that it became clear that the older cultures, like the indigenous peoples of the Americas, have different values which protect nature better [than Western societies],”"

"Ultimately, Watson concludes that saving nature will require a major rethink of how we live and how we think about nature,"

Chosun :gh:

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