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Feel the intensity, not your equipment. Maximum image quality. Minimum weight. The new ZEISS SFL, up to 30% less weight than comparable competitors.

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John A Roberts

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New Zealand
Hi NZbd,

FWIW, both were tested by Gijs in March 2016 in 'Test van 8x56 kijkers van Leica, Swarovski en Zeiss',
see at: https://www.houseofoutdoor.com/verrekijkers/verrekijkers-testen-en-vergelijken/

As can be seen in terms of transmission, the Leica rangefinder has both uneven and mismatched transmission curves for the two barrels.
This is typical to Leica (and most other) RF binoculars, see post #8 and on at: Loss Of Brightness With 8X42 RF (HT)


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Thanks John!

That's a bit disappointing. The SLC may be the safer bet if I don't have a chance to compare them side by side. It's also got a wider field of view (133m vs 118m the Geovid).


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I'll be selling both binoculars.

If the Zeiss had richer colors, and a more neutral color cast, in addition to better edge performance...it would have been perfect. Ergonomics and ease of view was fantastic.

The Noctivid is sublime from an image quality standpoint (I cannot state this enough) but...

It's your prerogative obviously, but your original list of requirements didn't mention richer colours or a neutral colour cast at all:

My number one priority is a 'calm' image (especially during the day in challenging/bright light). I want NO glare or reflections of any kind dancing across the image when viewing dark objects that are back-lit. Is this even possible?

My second priority is excellent center sharpness - great for resolving detail at long distances (terrestrial observation).

My third priority is great light gathering in overcast/low-light situations.

Fourth priority is fantastic build quality.

A huge field of view; sharpness across the entire field; fancy ergonomics/fast focus etc - they're all luxuries to me, and they're not strictly necessary.

I would have thought richer colours would be in that category of "luxuries" - do you really need it when hunting?

It'll be interesting to see where your journey ends, or indeed if it ever does.


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United Kingdom
I have to agree with Patudo here.

The Zeiss FL fits your list perfectly.
Zero Glare, Calm image.
Excellent centre sharpness..... possibly the best!!
Great low light..... you won't find better!!
Fantastic build.... proven to be tank like, and survive in the field for years.

I thought the Zeiss was very neutral in it's colour, especially compared to Leica or Meopta.
My ONLY reason for selling was the size, and weight, which come with the design, 8x56 and Abbe's.

It's only failing is sharpness across the entire field, which you state is not 'strictly necessary'.

If you are not happy with the Zeiss FL, or a Noctovid.... I would suggest you will need to wait a decade or more for more advancement in optical design.

I also can't see the journey ending, most people would be so happy with either of those two...... astonishing optics!!

But it's interesting, and as always, enjoy the search.
All the best(y)

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