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Nelson's Sparrow? - Winnipeg, Manitoba (voice) (1 Viewer)


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So, I have been hearing this bird for a few days, in the late evenings. I made a recording on July 1, 2020, after 11 pm. in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

The sound is surprisingly loud, I was hearing it from inside the building (open window), despite the place is relatively noisy (cars passing by etc). I was dismissing it for some time but at least decided to step outside and made a recording. I think I was usually hearing it between 10pm and 1 am, but not after 1 am (though it is obviously quieter late at night, so if it were singing I would have heard it).

Habitat is a wet "meadow" (or a grassland, or a field, or just a wasteland - a place that has some grasses and very wet soil, with some poodles or patches of water and probably some marshy vegetation, but not much). I hear Wilson's Snipes from there every night.

Now, I have some doubts, because it sounds a bit different from all the Nelson's Sparrow records I found. It has two parts - very short chirp and then relatively short buzz. It just feels other records have a different intonation.

To me it does not sound very much like Le Conte's or Savannah Sparrow, because the "buzz" is so short. Especially in Savannah I would expect it to be much longer. I found one record on eBird claimed to be LeConte's and it is somewhat resembling my recording but the "buzz" is still about twice longer, and the first syllable is also longer and buzzier.

Would like to hear any thoughts, thanks you!


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