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NEW BOOK ; 337 birding sites in France! (1 Viewer)

Hi There,
A new book out this year published by Nathan in France promoted by the 'Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux' indispensible guide to the 337 best birding sites in France with 124 maps of key sites is called 'Ou Voir les Oiseaux en France' or simply 'Where to watch birds in France' and an English translation will be out soon on:- http://www.lpo-boutique.com/, together with books on all the 440 species of butterfly of Europe (34 Euros), and on 1,500 species of wild flower of France (25 Euros),also a guide to birding in Poitou, Charentes and Vendee 25.70 Euros,Normandy 25.70 Euros, and also birding in Lorraine for 25.70 Euros.A great video I recommend is 'Droles d'Oiseaux',cost 23 Euros, on bird ringing in France including 56 minutes of footage of ringing of key birds in France including catching Corncrake in a hand net near the Loire!
Nice guide to Orchids for 40 Euros covering 150 French species, and a guide to Amphibians of Europe of 60 species of Frogs and allies for 38 Euros together with a CD.A similar publication is available on the Amphibians of France covering 42 species with CD and book for 43 Euros.Another nice book they offer is a guide to 3,000 species of Fungi found in France for 30 Euros.
Also 200 species of French and European Mammals are described in a book
of 304 pages costing 30 Euros.The LPO produce 'Ornithos' magazine the French equivalent of British Birds together with Rarities decisions for France and a list of rare birds breeding in France.Also Walking guides are produced by the LPO for areas like Brittany, Normandy,etc.
However 'Ou Voir les Oiseaux en France' is a key publication produced by France's finest birders just this year 2004, and costs only 19 Euros,the ISBN: 2.09.261176-3. Definitely highly recommended for any French birding enthusiast.I don't know when the English translation will be out, but if you speak French and like birding in France this book is a must! I have got my copy and I am very impressed with it, partly as it is produced by my colleague Dr Philippe Dubois (the top French Birder, who helps advise the LPO, Bird Life partner in France).
Nice birding.Regards from a rather wet Jersey near sunny France!
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Sounds like a very valuable contribution to French Birding for tourists. I look forward to seeing a review or copy as soon as the English Version comes out.

I have the Helm 'Where to Watch Birds in France' but frankly it does not inspire much confidence as the paper is aged and the maps look below par for a Helm book.


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I've got "A Birdwatching Guide to France" north of the Loire by J. Crozier, published by Arlequin Press in 2003. (I think there's one for south of the Loire as well.) I've not used it in France yet, only bought it this summer, but the maps look good and I discover that where we've booked to go next year is going to be an excellent birdwatching area of France, with lots of reserves and other good birding around.

I wish I'd had the book when we were in Alsace in May, because it points out many good areas for birding, close to places we went, but we missed out, because I had no idea they were there. C'est la vie.

John Cantelo

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I assume the book referred to is Helm's "Where to watch Birds in France" (Philippe Dubois & LPO) which is due out in a second edition here in June 2005 - allegedly! Personally I prefer the two books (north & south) published by Arlequin, John

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