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New Multi volume book of African Mammals (1 Viewer)

Short-lived..."Sorry - the item you are looking for is no longer on this page. Please try searching for it above."
Vol I - introductory chapters and Afrotheria

Volume II is edited by Thomas Butynski, Jonathan Kingdon and Jan Kalina and contains profiles of 93 species of primates; this includes the great apes, Old World monkeys, lorisids and galagos.

Volume III, edited by David Happold, has profiles of 395 species of rodents, comprising the squirrels, dormice, jerboas, blind mole-rats, African root-rats, pouched rats and mice, Swamp Mouse, climbing mice, fat mice, White-tailed Rat, rock mice, voles, Maned Rat, spiny mice, brush-furred mice, gerbils, jirds, taterils, African Forest Mouse, rats and mice, vlei rats, whistling rats, anomalures, springhares, gundis, African mole-rats, porcupines, Noki (Dassie Rat), cane rats and Coypu. The volume concludes with 13 species of hares and rabbits.

Volume IV, edited by Meredith Happold and David Happold, contains profiles of 156 species of insectivores, comprising the hedgehogs and shrews. The rest of the volume is devoted to the 224 species of African bats. The latter are divided into nine families, namely fruit bats, horseshoe bats, leaf-nosed bats, false vampire bats, mouse-tailed bats, sheath-tailed bats, slit-faced bats, free-tailed bats and vesper bats.

Volume V, edited by Jonathan Kingdon and Michael Hoffmann, comprises 83 species of carnivores, and includes jackals, wolves, dogs, foxes, weasels, polecats, striped weasels, Zorilla, otters, Ratel, fur seals, monk seals, Palm Civet, cats, genets, linsangs, African Civet, hyaenas, Aardwolf and mongooses. The volume is completed with profiles of four pangolins, four zebras and two rhinoceroses.

Volume VI, edited by Jonathan Kingdon and Michael Hoffmann, comprises a single order, currently subdivided into three suborders, containing the hippopotamuses, pigs, chevrotains, deer, Giraffe, Okapi, buffalos, spiral-horned antelopes, dwarf antelopes, duikers, grysboks, Beira, dik-diks, gazelles, Klipspringer, Oribi, reduncines, Impala, alcelaphines, horse-like antelopes, sheep and goats; the volume contains 98 species profiles.
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Wow, that is disappointing and stupid marketing. Even though this is a book project that many people have been anticipating for years now I think that they will struggle to shift the 6-volume sets at that price.
Especially as the £550 could be put towards keeping up with the, rapidly appearing, Handbook of Mammals of the World.
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