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Hey all. The last few nights coming home from work around 9pm I've been hearing what I thought was the call of a peregrine falcon. Last night how ever I saw two birds swooping around the Victoria Park and shepherd area and one landed. It was definitely not a peregrine.

It was very dark, but I would struggle to say it was a grey or grayish blue color, around the size of an American robin or a little smaller, not as round as a robin though.

Any ideas?

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I have heard Kestrels in the evening and always wondered why they were calling out in the dark.


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There has been lots of observations of Merlin around Toronto lately according to Ebird. That would fit with a relatively small bird and greyish. However, whether they would be flying when you saw them or whether the sound and what you saw was product of the same bird seems uncertain, so take all of this with a grain of salt.


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