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Nikon 8x32 SE eyecups... (1 Viewer)

Jonathan B.

Well-known member
Donzo98 said:

Anyone know where to buy spare eyecups for the 8x32 SE's??? I live in the US...

Thanks, Don

There have been a few posts about this in the past. As I recall, one poster called Nikon and a pair was in the mail immediately. John Traynor has described how to remove/replace them.

Mike H.

New member
I bought a Nikon 8x32 SE in 2001 and enjoyed it for years. Best bin I've ever looked through. However, the eyecups began to tear after about 10 years. Tried to repair them to no avail. In this pandemic I decided to try and fix them. I contacted Nikon and was told that I had to send them in for "repair". However, they could not repair them at this time because they could not get to their workplace. If I sent them in, they had no idea when I'd get them back.
I looked for eyecup replacements via Amazon and found "OMAX Large pair rubber eyecups for microscopes" and ordered for $10.99 US.
The eyecups work with one caveat: One kept slowly sliding off after a few hours. I tried several things but nothing helped. Then I took some very course sandpaper and scrubbed the inside of the eyecup where they seal around the eyepiece. I treated both eyecups this way and now they are staying on just fine with no slipping. Not a perfect solution, but it works and I'm again enjoying my old SEs. Earlier today I viewed some beautiful black-throated green warblers at a local park.
Good luck!

Mike H.

New member
No, Nikon will not send replacement eyecups. I tried. If you want the eyecups replaced, you must send in the bin. However, they can't repair them this way right now due to the covid-19 pandemic. Try the OMAX Large pair rubber eyecups for microscopes. Just make sure you score the inside or they will slide off.


Active member
Catch-22 or maybe 23

I have read with interest the thread about replacement eyecups for the Nikon SE binoculars. There are other threads here in BF on this topic, including some lengthy rants by yours truly :-(.

My experience was as follows. I pursued Nikon fairly aggressively on the subject because, after all, the SE binoculars are premium models with a lengthy warranty. So the good news was that if I were to send the binoculars to Nikon (this was in 2018) they promised to make good on the situation.

But in this case, making good is perhaps not so good. They don't have any more replacement eyecups and they don't have anymore SE binoculars. So what they proposed to do was to replace my SE's with a pair of Monarch HG roof prism binoculars, brand new. I suppose some people would view this as a win, but I did not, and I declined the offer.

I don't know what Nikon's current policy would be, I mean, besides the very current situation that one cannot send them anything for repair at all because of COVID-19.

As I indicated in another comment, the best advice I have for people with still-viable Nikon SE eyecups is to treat them periodically with Armour-All and do not leave them folded up for long periods of time, i.e., when you put the binocs away always leave them extended fully.


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Are they the same as the 8x30E2? I have bought E2 replacement cups direct from Nikon U.K., cheap, but take a while to turn up.




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Are they the same as the 8x30E2? I have bought E2 replacement cups direct from Nikon U.K., cheap, but take a while to turn up.



No they are different. I think the E2 is shorter but it might have the same fitting so in that case it might work for some people and perhaps everyone with glasses if folded down.

The Nikon numbers I have used in the past were SE - BXA30248 and E2 BXA30360. Nikon UK were always very good at supplying these, but perhaps not now.


PS. I have just found a 2014 invoice from Nikon UK for 6 SE BXA30248 and 2 Original HG BXA30041 - total price including postage £16.15. I do seem to retain a lot of rubbish so with plenty of spare time now I must reduce the pile.
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It shows how good the SE glass still is in all formats, by how many others own one or a few. I would love to see Nikon make a new premium glass, they do IMO make the best lat field lens.

Andy W.


Well-known member
I got them a few years ago direct from Nikon UK albeit they had no stock and had to order them in from Japan.
Part number and details below. Hope this helps.

NV-BXA30329 Objective lens cap

Best wishes
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