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Nikon Monarch 7 vs. Nikon Monarch HG (1 Viewer)

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The armor of the M7 is probably ok if it is not used much, or if so, in a dry climate, however in a humid climate it will disintegrate. Face it, it is the worst armor on the market in a $400-500 glass. Nikon has put better armor on some of their older glass that still looks as new today, no M7 armor will last as long.
Andy W.
I think the best armour ever put on binoculars was on the older Leica Trinovid BA. It was MIG to last and so were the binoculars!


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Kevin Conville

Here's the shoot out. Hopefully it's informative:


I have to smile. It's all so human. The first 5 min of the Vid are dedicated to the Monarch 7 and how it's great and you don't need an upgrade. The next 5 minutes (after he starts viewing through the HG) are about how wonderful it is and how it's very pleasing and a bit better in every way.

So your right back where you started.


Not this meathead again. Please use good judgement using links. This guy is actually becoming a thing due to his ubiquity and nothing else. I feel like we're collectively taking steps backward.


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The trouble with the armour on the M7 is that it is loose when they are new and it just keeps getting looser and looser with use. If the armour is tight to begin with like on the Styrka you usually won't have a problem down the road.

Agree^. I bought an M7 8x30 when they first came out but returned it soon after due to the loose armour. Unacceptable at any price point.


I thought I'd chime in after receiving both the M7 and the M HG. Honestly, I was very hesitant initially at purchasing both of these to compare. I already knew the M7 were very good, not withstanding some major complaints, but I did not imagine the HG were going to be much better, I was wrong. The Monarch HG, is a class above the M7 in everyway. The Monarch 7 (I tried two different units) had very strange alignment/focus issues that make me dizzy when using them. This might be due to the wide FOV that is not flattened on the Monarch 7 compared to the extremely crisp and flat picture from the Monarch HG. In fact, I've compared the M7 to the Prostaff 7s and I enjoy using the Prostaff 7s more than the M7 as I don't get headaches during viewing sessions. The Monarch HG on the other hand are a joy to use. They are edge to edge sharp and I can use them without headache or any issues with respect to alignment and focus.

It's a bit of a hard pill to swallow regarding the extra cost over the already pricey Monarch 7. I do, however, think they are worth the investment as I won't ever "upgrade" from them.
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Gray C

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If your budget can stretch to a Swarovski 8x42 SLC you are making a big leap in quality to an Alpha, but without the silly prices of other Alpha binoculars, e.g NL, SF or EL

Build quality of a SLC is first class too

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