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Nikon Monarch HG 10x42 - Visible Line on Prisms & Inconsistent Focuser Feel (1 Viewer)


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I've had my Nikon MHG 8x42 for 17 days now , the more I use it the more I like it . I have not noticed any issues with it that sours my feelings towards it , wonderful bin . It does have the focus stiction that others have mentioned and it's very slight . The stiction only seems to show itself after a period of non use and stays away until another period of non use . I am not sure if it's even worth worrying about .
So, the stiction was not the reason that I sent the binoculars in for warranty service.

It was the tendency of the focuser to become very stiff to operate when the hinge was opened. This behaviour was dependant on the direction of movement of the hinge, and was apparent especially when the hinge was opened all the way. I also felt the focuser sometimes started showing a bit of slop/backlash, which is not a known feature of this model's focuser.

This however did not change my impression of the product (things can go wrong even with the most expensive binoculars)

It is the customer service experience that I have had so far which has let me down. On one part, I was very happy to have had a 1 week turnaround and really looked forward to opening the box, but was immediately let down by marks left on them due to the works... had the binocular been 5 years old with signs of wear and tear... maybe...just maybe I might have not kicked up a fuss about it... but it looked practically brand new before it was sent in. I really looked after them.

Nikon have now responded that the issue has been escalated and they're deciding what they need to do, they should get back to me next week.


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When I said I'm not sure if it's worth worrying about I meant I'm not sure if if it's something that might become a problem over time for me and perhaps I should be talking to Nikon about it .
If I had a pair returned with marks that were not there when sent in , I would be a bit bothered for sure . I would expect it to be returned to me with repairs done to my satisfaction and in the same cosmetic condition it was in when I sent it to them . If that can't be done then a new binocular should be given .
I hope it works out for you in the end . Unfortunate that you have to jump through some hoops to get things done .


When a customer is returning an expensive instrument for attention to a small problem, it should be obvious that a very high standard is expected to be met, so it's extremely difficult to imagine the mindset behind such sloppy work. (Yet I had such a problem with Zeiss USA service myself a couple of years ago. It happens.) Keep after them.

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