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Norfolk birding (1 Viewer)

RE: foggy weather

I got lucky with the Northern Harrier at Titchwell yesterday when the fog cleared in the late afternoon, I'm currently looking out of my window and the Yare Valley appears to be very foggy, probably best to wait for some clearer weather, Buckenham/Cantley seems to attract the fog more than other places. Typical weather for my week off!!
Ross's goose with the pinkies at Snettisham this morning and a black brant with the dark-bellied brents on the mud near Rotary Hide.
Fog wasn't too bad at dawn but got worse before we left. All the pits are still frozen.
Titchwell December 30th

Today's highlights

Northern harrier - immature male hunting over Thornham saltmarsh
Whooper swan - adult still present in field by access road
White fronted goose - 12 SW @ 11:30, 28 east @ 14:00, 12 east @ 14:20
Bittern - 1 in flight over reedbed, 1 showing well on grazing marsh pool
Waxwing - 10 in carpark briefly @ 12:10 before flying towards Titchwell village
Shorelark - 9 still on beach east of boardwalk although very mobile
Lapland bunting - 1 west over main path
Snow bunting - 1 on beach
Slavonian grebe - 1 offshore
Great Northern diver - 1 offshore
Long-tailed duck - 4 offshore

For anyone that is interested, I have been trying to beat my Titchwell yearlist total of 206 from a few years ago. With the threat of the sales tomorrow, my year is now over. The 40 fly-over white-fronts took my final tally to 209.
The total could have been even higher but at least 4 species have passed me by over the festive period.
Anyone up for 210 in 2011?

All the best for 2011

Whitlingham dodgy duck

No time and too foggy anyway for the northern harrier and lesser white-fronted goose - the two non-BOU tickable birds of the month in Norfolk. (Unless there is a split / goose leaves with the Taiga beans)

Scaup-like presumed hybrid duck on an unfrozen part of Whitlingham Great Broad, near the south side.

Reddish eye, rather a lot of black on the bill tip. Grey back, uniform in colour. Brown (ish) head.

Three shots of it. A tuftie x pochard perhaps.


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Couldn't tell you how many, but walking back from the pub half an hour ago Pink Footed Geese were calling somewhere in the gloom. What a sound, and what a bird to finish the year with. Over Norwich too!
Happy New Year to all, heres to another year in the field.
Waxwings in the fog

On the way home from shopping in Hunstanton I saw c.15 waxwings in a roadside tree just outside Holme. By the time I had turned round for a better look they headed off east. Next saw them in Thornham in the front garden of the old school house but they immediately flew off to the south east. I tried heading towards Choseley but they were gone and the icecream was in danger now.

A dusk walk at Titchwell reserve was rewarded with geese heading for their roost just visible, calling eerily in the fog. A pair of swans came wheezing in to the fresh marsh but by now it was too dark to see if they were the Whoopers seen recently. A snipe was probing the mud just under the south-facing windows of the new Parinder hide.

Happy New Year everyone!

Couldn't tell you how many, but walking back from the pub half an hour ago Pink Footed Geese were calling somewhere in the gloom. What a sound, and what a bird to finish the year with. Over Norwich too!

There were a few flying over my garden the other night too, although Mrs Thing heard them and not me. Pink-footed goose goes on the garden list and I'm automatically gripped off. Great garden tick but what a bummer!:-O
I've plucked up courage to ask this question so here goes. Whats the story behind the Lady A's Pheasant near Houghton Hall?
Almost the full -head set

Abraham’s Bosom cradled the 2 redhead Smew, a redhead Goosander (I’m almost sure the same one as on 27th ult.) and a brownhead Goldeneye. Shucks ! Why not a Merg, too ? (I won’t even mention Barrow’s.)

A slow walk around Wells Woods flushed 4 Woodcocks and little else. The Coal Tits seemed more vocal today. Do they know it’s New Year’s time ?

5 Redpolls fed quietly in the tops- Lessers with, possibly, one Mealy.

Let’s have Good Birding in 2011: no suppression, no competition, no bad manners. I suppose I could hope to win the Lottery, too !
Thornham or Brancaster

First sighting report on the Northern Harrier today was from Brancaster then Thornham later.Traveling down from N wales in the morning hope to be there for first light should we go straight to Brancaster or Thornham? any local birders that could help or is it toss the coin ,john
Is the Lady A Pheasant only showing mornings? I am hoping to go tomorrow to see this bird, the N Harrier, and the LWFG. Would prefer to go to the goose first then travel northwards, but if the Pheasant only shows mornings i need to make that first point of call.

Dilemmas dilemmas !!
I've plucked up courage to ask this question so here goes. Whats the story behind the Lady A's Pheasant near Houghton Hall?

Any Lady Amherst's Pheasant in Norfolk will be of recent release or escape origin. There has never been any sustained breeding in Norfolk (in fact probably no pure breeding at all). This bird seems to show some red on the belly, thus suggestion that it has some Golden genes in it anyway (anyone else any thoughts on this?) Any interest in this bird must therefore, surely only be aestheic (if it's escaoe pheasants that turn you on!)

PS as to when it shows, I am not sure!!
Tystie tystie very very tystie...

A great self-found Norfolk tick this afternoon - we were going to Horsey but the number of cars parked along the track (and nearby road verges) persuaded us to go on to Waxham instead. No sooner had we got to the beach than this flew north along the tideline and landed in front of me. Well chuffed!

All the best for 2011!



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More like the latter, with very restricted red. Pics on birdguides:

At least this one seems to have a dark forehead, but that red on the belly certainly challenges its purity!

PS Nice find Andy and good to see a pic of one in Norfolk, can't recall seeing one before (but would be glad to be corrected!)

Me neither - most Norfolk records don't like posing for cameras. Nice indeed - in Norfolk I think I've only ever seen these flying past on seawatches.

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