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Norfolk Butterflies and Moths (1 Viewer)


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Notta Beauty – but still a Lady

An unproductive couple of hours was spent slowly pacing around Salthouse Heath, at the eastern end of the ‘road’, in the vicinity of the WW2 radar station.

The CAMBERWELL BEAUTY, seen four times this afternoon (and announced on something sounding like Fitter Tweed) by the fortunate observer, was nowhere now to be seen.

Inadequate compensation was had in the graceful shape of this Painted Lady.


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Bright blue sky – but definitely a Clouded day

A trip to the Producers’ Market at Kelling Heath Holiday Park was enlivened by a male Silver-washed Fritillary, on a Buddleia by the shop.

Even better was the Clouded Yellow ‘on the top’ at Walsey Hills NOA. This resolutely refused to be photographed properly for quite some time; then became ‘possibly two’, then indubitably so !

I've added two photos (the 2 RH ones)- to illustrate my perplexed dissatisfaction with the colour cast (yellow/green) in the pic 2nd from the left. I'm not sure why the colour has turned out this way in the 'strange' one, but others in that burst are similar. Is it to do with the fact that's in partial shade ? Replies (via PM, possibly) from those more experienced in this sort of thing are welcome.


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Warham Fort

I was told about a Clouded Yellow, before I left the car parking area (by a tree). In fact, there were THREE.

One or two (thousand) Chalkhill Blues were in the Fort. (The maximum count last year was 7000, I believe.) A mint condition Painted Lady, too.

A Wall was on the track to the entrance. Back at the car, the most faded Painted Lady I’ve ever seen (I'm even wondering about some kind of aberration) allowed a photo.


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Stratton Birder

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On 26th I was pleased to come across a small population of Brown Argus which were found locally in an un-mowed wild corner of a parish playing field near Hapton Church. :t: to the owners for supplying the habitat. About eight were noted but there were almost certainly more. This is a mega-count for the area as I have only ever come across the odd singleton before.

Connor Rand

Norwich resident, Holme devotee
2 Purple Hairstreak were in the oak outside Zaks in Norwich yesterday but no White-letter. Has anyone had any of these here or elsewhere recently?


Hi Jim, had a couple in Norwich recently and several spots, drop me a text or email.


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Scanning the main Buddleia at Gramboro' for larger butterflies, this Hummingbird Hawkmoth buzzed busily around, but didn't penetrate my consciousness for a little while.

A Wall and a Grayling joined the usual consumers of the bush.


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Crowded Dell-oh

Before I even reached The Dell (Wells Woods), a male Silver-washed Fritillary flew past me, bound in the same direction. (This is the first I’ve seen at this site.) Nearer still, a giant Volucella zonaria hoverfly perched briefly on my right leg, then flew off, without allowing the courtesy of a snap.

In the meadow, a Clouded Yellow sallied to and fro and an intensest-of-oranges Comma (you needed to see it in the sun) flaunted itself. The Fritillary finally permitted its battered remains to be photographed.


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ashley banwell

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Clouded Yellow of the helice form

Among the 7 or 8 Clouded Yellows around Choseley yesterday was a very pale - almost white individual which turned out to be of the helice form, sadly nothing rarer.


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Penny Clarke

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Some Clouded Yellow Butterflies from Saturday.


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Are these record numbers ?

Pictured are just two (in flagrante delicto) of the 25-30 Clouded Yellows near Choseley Barns this afters. I have never seen so many of this species in one place in the UK. Despite my most strenuous efforts, no sign was had of the helice.

There were probably hundreds of Latticed Heath Moths, in their various colour schemes. The one here is particularly lovely, in brown and cream.

The other (RH) moth I believe to be Marbled Clover. Help, please !


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Norfolk County Butterfly Recorder
I have a Hummingbird Hawkmoth in the garden here in lakenham at the moment.
Two Dark-green frits turned up in the brecks last week at Beachamwell, indicating a late dispersal from the coast. Confusingly they turned up in a site that also has silver-washed, raising the intersting possibility of both species recolonising woods.


Norfolk County Butterfly Recorder
Anyone seeing second brood swallowtails yet? People are asking, and I haven't a clue. (as usual)

Given Maps in Dorset, Meadow Fritillary in Bucks, and a Queen of Spain in Suffolk last week, I wonder what might get blown our way this week?

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