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NorthEast Brazil, checking on some IDs (1 Viewer)


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Dear all, my previous post and your subsequent answers (thank you again !) has created doubt in my mind about similar species.

- Am I right to call photo 1 and photo 2 (different individuals) both Planalto Tyrannulets ?
- My guess is photo 3 is no longer Mouse-colored Tyrannulet... what would you call it ?
- I had called photo 4 a blue-chinned Sapphire female and photo 5 a male. Is this correct ?

Thank you again in advance for your time enlightened views.


  • Planalto Tyrannulet BRA 0842.JPG
    Planalto Tyrannulet BRA 0842.JPG
    120.6 KB · Views: 28
  • Planalto Tyrannulet BRA 9681.JPG
    Planalto Tyrannulet BRA 9681.JPG
    73.5 KB · Views: 18
  • Mouse-colored Tyrannulet BRA 3466.JPG
    Mouse-colored Tyrannulet BRA 3466.JPG
    90 KB · Views: 26
  • Blue-chinned Sapphire (female) BRA 8350.JPG
    Blue-chinned Sapphire (female) BRA 8350.JPG
    78.5 KB · Views: 26
  • Blue-chinned Sapphire (male) BRA 7809.JPG
    Blue-chinned Sapphire (male) BRA 7809.JPG
    479 KB · Views: 25


missing the neotropics
Agree with Planalto Tyrannulet for the first two.

Third one looks like perhaps Euler's Flycatcher? Lots of regional variation in that one (it is certainly at least a couple of different species). Looks more or less like an Empid structurally, and I don't see it as any Elaenia. Fuscous Flycatcher would have more of an eyeline. Not sure if I'm missing something there.

Fourth bird looks like Glittering-throated Emerald to me showing a quite broad white belly patch.

Fifth looks good for female plumaged White-chinned Sapphire. If that is actually blue on the throat, and with how heavily marked it is beneath, I think it should be that species and not Blue-chinned, but I'm not 100%, it could still be Blue-chinned Sapphire. Not an expert on these birds, haven't seen those species very many times so that is just my best estimation.


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Thank you pbjosh.
Still stuck on that Tyrannulet/Flycatcher...identification (photo 3)
Anyone else to the rescue ?
Thank you, ugolino
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