NOT the TIMELINE SERIES: XTREME Costa's Hummer Pix! (1 Viewer)

Hi all! I've been slacking on posting lately, because I'm busy with homeschool. Today, however, I was done before noon, so I went outside for fresh air. Just so you know, the TIMELINE series has NOT ended, it's just I'm having trouble remembering exactly what happened on these endeavors, and also, these photos are NOT of the Costa's that likes to be petted. I haven't found time to say this, but, the Costa's Hummingbird that I pet has been gone about 2 months! All because of the most pugnacious, aggressive Hummingbird ever chased him- and the mean Anna's- away for good! That hummingbird is none other than the one in the photos below. He also has the longest gorget extensions I've ever seen on a Costa's Hummingbird! I wonder if his hyper-aggression has to do with his extra long gorget. Anyways, I've seen him preening a couple times already, but I just happened to have a perfect opportunity to photograph him today!
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