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November Moths (1 Viewer)


Bah humbug
40mph gusts and still raining so haven't even checked the trap properly yet ... not hopeful ;)

EDIT: 1 Earwig in the trap, but there was a moth nearby - 1 Angle Shades.
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Farnboro John

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I guess I was relatively lucky then with four moths: one November agg, two LBAMs and a December Moth! If we get another dry night (maybe at the end of the week) I'll go again.


JWN Andrewes

Poor Judge of Pasta.
Twelve moths of seven species last night, two of them ticks - Oak Nycteoline & Pale Brindled Beauty. Highest numbers were December Moth with four, then there were two each of Red-green Carpet & November agg and singles of Spruce Carpet & Silver Y.


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Quis custodiet ipsos custodes
21/11. Very mild and not too windy. Only 6 moths though. 2 December Moth, 2 Silver Y, 1 Large Yellow Underwing and 1 LBAM.

Had some gen dets back from earlier, which added 5 to the garden list. Ypsolopha ustella 21/10, Caloptilia semifascia 23/10, Acleris ferrugana 31/10, Acleris schalleriana 03/11 and Crocidosema plebejana 10/11. (Another Acleris ferrugana on 07/11 too).


Bah humbug
Put the trap on again last night, first for a little while. Min 9C, didn't check it till 9:30am though! Drizzle so probably think (hope) things hadn't moved much.

1 Pearly Underwing in the trap (new for Nov joint list I think)
Nearby -
1 Oak Nyctoline (NFG, lifer)
1 Feathered Thorn

JWN Andrewes

Poor Judge of Pasta.
Five December Moths last night, and singles of Red-green Carpet, Winter Moth & Scarce Umber. Might go again Monday night, temperatures due to drop substantially thereafter.


Bah humbug
Trap on again - just checked. Two Large Yellow Underwing caterpillars bimbling around beside it, and the 2 regular ground beetles. Nothing in flight.


Quis custodiet ipsos custodes
On my way home every night I drive along the side of a big wood. Last night there were moths all over the place in the headlights so I rushed home and put both traps on quickly. Result was one December Moth. I think that my garden, being on top of a slight hill and surrounded by agricultural fields is now just a bit too exposed and slightly too far for these winter type moths that don't seem to be powerful flyers and like more shelter. I will try stopping off and doing some netting and trunking in the wood tonight if it looks good when I pass.


Local rarity
Last night produced three December Moths, two Mottled Umber and a Yellow-line Quaker. Only the quaker and one of the Mottled Umbers were actually in the trap. Perhaps one more session before I put the trap away for the winter.


Quis custodiet ipsos custodes
I saw lots of moths flying on my way home last night whilst passing Sherrards Park Wood but caught only one December Moth in my two traps.
So, tonight I stopped and went in the wood at 16:30 and waited. Just before 17:00 they started to appear. All Winter Moths. Within 10 minutes I had counted 750 and had to stop. I was only in there for half an hour but reckon I saw over 4000. There must be 100,000s in the whole wood. It really is quite a spectacle and if there is a big wood near you and it isn’t too cold go and have a look because it’s spectacular. Like being surrounded by fairies.
When I got home I checked the street trees in front of the house and found one single Winter Moth.


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Five sessions to catch up with here, the first on the 12th.
10 moths, December Moth 3, Feathered Thorn, Black Rustic, Scarce Umber (NFG), Nov, Moth agg 2, Chestnut and a Rusty Dot Pearl.
8 moths, Mottled Umber, December Moth 2, Yellow-line Quaker, Chestnut 2, November moth agg and a Common Plume.
9 moths, December Moth 5, Silver Y, Scarce Umber, Yellow-line Quaker and a Sprawler.
I didn't trap as it was frosty but a Winter Moth on the kitchen window was NFY.
14 Moths, December Moth 7, Winter Moth 2, Yellow-line Quaker, Scarce Umber, Chestnut 2, Dark Chestnut and a LBAM.
Last night
15 Moths, 14 of them December Moths, 7 outside the trap. The ones inside joined by a single Silver Y.
Lots of cold nights forecast now so I'll stop for a while as I'm unlikely to add anything new for the year. May try again if we get a warmer night in December.

JWN Andrewes

Poor Judge of Pasta.
Couple of sessions to update. From 23rd a big surprise in the form of a very out of season Pug! I'm pretty sure it's a White-spotted; I've just added a couple more pics on the ID thread, which I also attach here, to see what others think. If it is White-spotted then it's a tick, and an unexpected addition to the joint November list. Otherwise unspectacular, just December, November agg & Silver Y.

December, Winter & Yellow-line Quaker on 24th.

I may try a couple more sessions if it gets a bit milder, just so Dan has an aggregate December list to work on, but in common with others posting here I suspect that's about it for 2020


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Quis custodiet ipsos custodes
28/11. It was very mild and still last night so I ran the actinic all night. At midnight I got 3 December Moth, 1 Winter Moth, 1 Mottled Umber and 1 Pale Brindled Beauty off the wall. At 06:00 this morning I went out to check the trap and there was nowt in it.

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