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Olive-backed and Tree Pipit ID, Kathmandu Valley (1 Viewer)


Birder in Kathmandu
In Kathmandu valley, the Olive-backed Pipit is the common tree-visiting pipit, but we discovered recently in two locations quite a few Tree Pipits, too. I attach one pic, the bird that looks to the left. Scanning photos on eBird, the most important identifier for simple people like us was the head pattern, notably the supercilium and ear spot. Bold back and thin flank barring I have found in internet pics for both. Now I started to doubt whether we had always overlooked Tree Pipits in Kathmandu and the Nepal hills.
Yesterday I video-ed the pipit (seen from the back) which also has a Tree Pipit-like vague head pattern (supercilium, ear spot) and extensive back streaks. I cant remember having heard other than Olive-backed calls, but I might have missed it.
Thanks for any comment, Arend
pipit b 29Nov20iii.png OB Pipit hola 5Dec20.png


Birder in Kathmandu
As it was away from the river and on a tree, I did not consider Rosy. Can that be excluded too?


Well-known member
yes, rosy looks completely different. it's a tree pipit.
It is a long time since I have been in Nepal, however the two photos appear to show two different birds and I believe two different species. The first I agree is Tree Pipit, but the second appears to show a winter Rosy Pipit. What little of the breast streaking you can see extends low and and is strong, and the loral pattern is better suited to RP.

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