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Olrog's Gull in Bahia Blanca, Argentina (1 Viewer)


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I am trying to find out if it is possible to see Olrog's Gulls around Bahia Blanca and if so, where is the best place to look for them. I've read that they nest in the bay but it looks like a large area and I was wondering if there is a spot in or near the town itself where they hang out. I don't drive so will be limited to public transport or taxis.

I realise that Punta Rasa is the usual spot to see them but I won't be able to make it there.

I have also posted this in the Argentina section but that doesn't seem very active. Any information gratefully received.

Jens Thalund

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Looking at records on eBird there seems to be birds present year round, maybe except January and February, but anywhere along the coast, around estuaries and fishing harbours, could be worth a try.



Jon Gallagher

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I had 4 birds over San Antonio Oeste in November a few years ago, on my way to Las Grutas. That's a bit of a way from Bahia Blanca, but anyway...




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Thank you, Jens and Jon.

I have now booked a one-way flight from BA to Puerto Madryn so I will be doing the return trip by bus, which means I will almost certainly break the journey at Bahia Blanca. I guess I'll just have to wander down to the waterfront and have a look around.


I may be relaxed but I'm not drunk....
Don't know if this will be of use, but on a cruise in Feb 2014 there were a few Olrog's Gulls on the breakwater at Buenos Aires main harbour, seen from the ship as it sailed off in the early evening.


missing the neotropics
Arroyo Parejas looks to be a far more reliable spot, closer out on the ocean, than Bahia Blanca itself, for what it's worth. I don't know if that will be possible for you but if you look at the eBird hotspot for Balneario Arroyo Pareja it would appear Olrog's Gull is almost guaranteed.

Mark - Olrog's Gull is decidedly less common in summer here in BsAs (and is never really common here), you did well to get them in February!


I may be relaxed but I'm not drunk....
I had no idea Josh - guess that explains why I only saw one or two, thought I just wasn't looking hard enough! The cruise left in the early evening, so I assumed the birds roosted out on the breakwaters.


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Thanks Mark and pbjosh.

I've looked at Arroyo Pareja on Google maps and it looks good and not too far away. This was the kind of info I was hoping for. Thanks again.


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In case anyone is interested: This didn't work out at all. Getting to Punta Alta from Bahia Blanca by bus was easy enough once I had found out which particular card the bus accepts and which kiosk sells them (they don't take cash. You have to buy a plastic card from a kiosk and load it up with enough credit to get you there and back. Different bus companies apparently accept different cards).

Due to arriving in Bahia Blanca later than expected, and a bit of faffing around finding a hotel, it was well into the afternoon when I reached Punta Alta. It was also raining fairly heavily. Once there I spent a lot of time walking down long roads in the direction of the estuary but not being able to get anywhere near it due to a large naval base. Walked along the perimeter for a while trying to find a way around but decided a British guy with optics snooping around an Argentinian naval base wasn't a great look and might take some explaining.

It's probably possible to find a spot with a view of the estuary for someone better prepared than I was, but I gave up and caught the bus back to Bahia Blanca (it's only a gull anyway!). Lots of Kelp Gulls flying over and, the next day, when I was leaving town on a bus to Buenos Aires, we passed a tip on the outskirts of town that was teeming with gulls - this might be a better bet if it is reachable.

So it looks like I might need a trip to Punta Rasa after all.
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