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Olu Deniz, Turkey (1 Viewer)


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Are there any good birding areas around Olu Deniz. I am going on a family holiday to Lykia World in August and I would like to do some early morning bird watching.

Thank you in advance, Gareth


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I went to Olu Deniz a few years back, and I have to say I was surprised at the time how few birds there were in general. I wasn't specifically looking for birding sites, but it was eerily empty compared to british standards, probably saw less than ten species the whole time I was there. I saw more different fish than birds!

The one notable one, and I have to admit no idea where it was, was there was a place we stopped off at where they had white storks nesting on platforms. The only other bird I specifically remember seeing the entire time I was there was collared doves!

I'd guess that the best bet is to try and get away from the touristy bits as much as possible.

Edit: Also, whatever you do, make sure you take lots of bottled water around with you!


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Thanks for the reply Alex. There are some hills near to the resort that look like they are worth exploring. The lower slopes are covered in trees and the crags look good for Raptors, fingers crossed!

Best wishes, Gareth

Jon Turner

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There's a deserted village up in the hills near Hisaronou, (from where you walk). There are Kruper's Nuthatch in the woods, and Black-eared Whatear and Blue Rock Thrush in the deserted village (can't remember what it's called, but worth a visit).

I think Alex is talking about the coach trip over to the lake where you go for mud baths (great fun!) and a boat trip to the sea and up to the lake. Our Turkish guide told us we would see "Many Corrrn Buntings!" As we approached the reed bed around the lake he started pointing out these Corrrrn Buntings, but they were Great Reed Warblers! And yes there were 'many' of them! I think if you are really lucky, you could see Pied Kingfisher on this river trip, but I may be well out of date - it was a good few years ago.

It was certainly very hot.


Woodlarks DO exist...
Hi Gareth, i went to the resort of Sarigerme, which is around an hour to the west of Olu Deniz; we visited the blue lagoon and also the "ghost town" (maybe the one that Jon is referring to?) and enjoyed both; as for birds? Well i was a fledgling birder then, and didn't know much about European species but I remember not being blown away by variety although most species were new to me. I went in Sept 08, the most numerous species by far was Red backed shrike.. esp Juv/fems. I'd say 1 in every 3 birds I saw was one of these, throughout the holiday (which wasn't a birding trip at all.) Around my all-inclusive resort, in the shrub by the beach, (apart from the numerous shrikes) there were plenty of Whinchats, a Great grey shrike, a Hoopoe, various Yellow wag types and crested/calandra lark (not sure which!). And some tortoises! I got up early on two occasions and drove inland but my birding was restricted due to locals randomly firing guns at i'm not sure what (not me, i hope!) in the fields. Saw some bee-eaters though and heards plenty of warblers in the reeds. And RB shrikes.. A good view of a short-toed eagle was had over some hills on route to Olu Deniz and a falcon of sorts (Eleanora's or a Red-foot, going on a brief view without bins 2yrs ago!) near the beach. Oh, and a black-eared wheater was found at the ruins of Kaunos (which are worth a visit in their own right.)
I think any area of shrub/bush/farmland is worth a wander but be careful of any indisciminate gunfire! An early morning walk around your hotel complex might be quite productive (and safe!) also. Have a good holiday either way!

Duke Leto

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Gareth Lykia world is set up as one of those places that people stay on site all holiday so its a little out from the centre of Olu Deniz, I'm sure that the Dolmus will run regularly from there to Olu and on to a number of villages including Hisaronu and the the largest one in the area Fethiye (massive market). Whilst I didn't indulge they paraglide and microlight fly from the top of the very large hill that surrounds Olu, there is a robust road / track to the top on a hill that is very well tree covered.


screaming piha

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I was at Olu Deniz in April 2009. Audouin's Gulls were on the beach. I saw Black-headed Bunting and Woodchat Shrike behind the new mosque a short walk back from the town (and 100s of Spanish Sparrows, but I think I hit migration time for them). There is a large track/dirt road that passes left from the top of the valley (looking down towards Olu Deniz) where I found Red-rumped Swallow, Ruppell's Warbler and Cretzschmar's Bunting. The deserted Greek village is called Kaya had Cretzschmar's Bunting, Black-eared Wheatear, Alpine Swift and Rock Nuthatch. Eleonora's flew over the ridge between Kaya & Olu Deniz. Kruper's Nuthatch is common in the pine woods.

There are some birding and scenic pics from my trip here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jjbirder/sets/72157617722785431/


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If its late August you are visiting you could catch some of the early migration,you will certainly see everything everyone has mentioned and probably a few more if you get out and about;maybe hire a car.


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Going to Lykia world with the family this August 2011 How did you get on last year did you do a trip report I'd be interested in any info especially any sites within walking distance on or around Lykia world for early morning walks.


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I stayed in Olu Deniz in mid July 1993 - so this info is maybe a wee bit out of date - but I was also amazed at how birdless the area seemed to be - even dawn and dusk didn't improve it much but most of the time the temperature seemed to be pushing 40 and we never saw a cloud in a fortnight.

That said while there was no quantity I thought the quality was pretty good - I do remember tortoise, Masked Shrike and Ruppell's Warbler right next to the East end of the resort as well as Sombre Tit and Roller in the general area. The Jays look pretty cool as well. A friend of mine went in May and saw much more the following year... W-t Robin, Kruper's, all the buntings, etc.

We took a trip to the Dalyan(?) marsh which looked like it could be really good if you removed all the tourists!


Cudyll Bach

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I have also been to Olu Deniz and I too found it virtually birdless! There were a few jays knocking about and red-rumped swallows nesting in the town but I saw far more when out on trips. TBH it was way too hot to go walking!
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