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Olympus 150- 400mm Lens Announced (1 Viewer)

Adey Baker

Finally! Is it too late to save the system?

Specification certainly seems spot-on for an all-round pro-quality wildlife lens with minimum focus of 1.3m, 150mm to 500mm built in plus 1.4x or 2x converter compatibility. 1875gms weight (lens only) and bird-recognition AF coming for the EM1X (sadly, not the EM1 III).

£6,499 at WEX photo, for instance, but no delivery dates as yet.

Out of my price range, so purely accademic for me!

So tempting size/weight/reach/speed - wise ...... :brains:

I just wish I had more faith in Olympus as an ongoing system, for such an investment ........ :-C

Chosun :gh:
One reason to be optimistic: the company that took them over has at least one prior example where they have taken over a loss giving company and now have something that is profitable. They have stated that they see the high end Oly as an area that can be profitable.

whether that is enough for you is your decision.

One reason to be optimistic: the company that took them over has at least one prior example where they have taken over a loss giving company and now have something that is profitable. They have stated that they see the high end Oly as an area that can be profitable.

whether that is enough for you is your decision.

I think this lens will be an absolute cracker !

You could quite happily have this lens through a dozen years of different bodies.

What concerns me is the pace of development of those bodies and particularly the electronics, processing hardware, and software /interface ecosystem. There is just no structural advantage that will allow them to compete with Sony and Canon. Panasonic seems wed to the dfd focusing system, making it hard to get economies of scale over the M43 mount. In theory, they should be onto a winner.

If I'm honest, even Nikon concerns me at the moment - there are some glaring development needs that just aren't being addressed.

I figure I'm going to be content to sit on the sidelines for another year or two and see what develops.

I will use all that extra nervous g.a.s. energy in the gym, and build some muscles ! :-O

Chosun :gh:
I think we can assume that this is aimed at a very small (professional) market but will 'Pros' even consider Olympus, given their present precarious situation, not to mention the 'tiny' sensor? On another forum somebody has made enquiries and was told that the initial UK allocation will be 18-20 units! I will be sticking with my lovely 300mm f4 Pro but will look forward to seeing some great photos taken with this beauty.

Think I would throw my money at an R5 first, and I love m43, the size is just too much for me on such a small sensor. My current kit on the right, which will likely stay my current kit for quite a while unless something truly tempting is released by Panasonic. The new Oly is only 1 stop quicker than my PL too.


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Headline at the rumor site:
Olympus 150-400mm PRO in-depth Field Test by Imaging Resource: “very expensive in and of itself, but it’s also very, very good”

It's a shame that IR used unnecessarily high ISO settings for a lot of their illustrations. For static or slow-moving subjects, at least, the syncIS on the EM1 cameras would come into its own with this lens - for instance, this Kestrel, in very shady conditions, wouldn't have stayed long enough for a tripod set-up and was 'grabbed' with whatever the camera was set at, at the time. EM1 II with 300mm Zuiko lens plus 1.4x converter. ISO was on 400 and the exposure was 1/25th sec at F8 - this is not exceptional and with a static subject there's no problem in getting a sharp shot at this slow speed


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Delivery delayed due to high demand. Delayed until Spring . The Olympus statement doesn't have a date but I have one on order and was told it would be end of March at the earliest.
Apparently just a rumour as at least some have been shipped/delivered this week (not sure if any in the UK yet). Sadly outside my price range but good luck to those fortunate to get one if they perform anything like the pre-delivery trailed pics ...

That sort of fits with what I was told for my order that they were expecting a very small number about now, but they would then come in in dribs and drabs over the coming months, so it depends on when the order was placed when it will arrive. I was told late March at the earliest. The info on delivery on dpreview seem to be in the US. So maybe Europe is lagging behind.

It is more than a rumour though, from the Olympus webpage "

We apologize for the inconvenience to many customers who have already made reservations, but it is expected that we will not be able to deliver it on the release date. In addition, since the delivery date varies depending on the build-to-order manufacturing situation, it may take some time for customers who make reservations in the future to deliver the product. We are working diligently to deliver the product as soon as possible, and we appreciate your understanding."
me too, i gave it to my husband and told him, never ever give it to me if you find me on the labtop and ask for it. LOL.

but i started saving to get it maybe by mid 2023, or end 2022.
According to the link in your post they are out of stock of the 150-400mm now. They don't hang around for long if that is the case.

They posted the pic on the OMD cameras facebook group page only yesterday afternoon, so two 'lucky' people have just jumped in rather than joining the 'pre-order' queue with the other UK dealers, then (and saved £10 into the bargain as well:D)
£10 saving! Just enough for a couple of packets of lens wipes ..... or a few boxes of tissues to wipe away the tears when they think of all the money they have just spent. :)
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