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Olympus LS-P4 / ME66-K6 "wind-like noise" (1 Viewer)


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HI, i just got my ME66 along with the LS-P4 and start recording at:

Rec Level: High
Limiter: music
rec mode: PCM
MIC zoom: +6 max.
low cut filter: ON
mic select: central mic OFF
V-sync: OFF
Rec scene:OFF

i use a Kopul LMT100 low to high impedance XRL Female - 3.5 mm and a Auray WSS-2012 windjammer mounted on a DIY shock mount.

after my first recordings with the ME66 i noticed the sound recorded at the same distance was louder using the ME66 compared to the built-in mic. but the LS P4 built-in mic alone, had a veryyy much quieter background, on the other hand, using the ME66/K6 i used to hear a WIND LIKE noise (when there was actually no wind), any recommendation on the settings?

i already read about changing the Rec level to medium but didn't noticed to much difference until now (just made a couple o recordings to compare it in my backyard).

I use the LS-P4 with a ME66/K6. I don't believe the mic zoom and mic select settings make any difference when you have the ME66/K6 plugged into the recorder. Those settings are automatically ignored by the recorder with an external mic plugged in.

I record in PCM mode, as you do. I find that there is significantly less pre-amp noise in my recordings when I set the Recording Level on the LS-P4 to Medium rather than High.

You might want to try the Sennheiser cable (KA-600) I use to connect the recorder to the mic. It isn't expensive, and you might find you have better luck with impedance matching using the Sennheiser product. The only other noise I can think of that might be getting into your recordings, if there is no wind, is the noise created by handling the equipment while recording. Those noises are very much amplified with a sensitive recorder and microphone. When recording, I try to limit the movement of my hands on the equipment to just up and down presses of the necessary buttons. I try to avoid moving my hands around the recorder and microphone.

Good luck with your recordings - please let us know how it goes.
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Can you attach a sample of the noise? It may be some form of pre-amp noise.

Whatever it is the free software Audacity will remove it.

Import a file with the wind noise - cursor over a bit with just the noise - that bit will turn white.

Click on Effects and select noise reduction.

Click on the button 'Get noise profile'

Double click on the displayed waveform.

Go to Effects - Noise reduction -

Click on OK - noise gone.

You can play with settings as there is a go back arrow, however, always copy your master recording - clearly labelling both copy and master and only work on the copy.

This will also work for other background noises if they are of a persistent nature.

I use it most on video recordings if I am stuck with the cameras built in sound system, on days with the wind howling over the microphones it will often help here as well.

After noise reduction it is possible to use the amplify effect to pull out detail otherwise missing.

Common sense is required as you can obviously distort or eliminate the very thing you wanted to hear!
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