On Hearing And Seeing Sulphur Crested Cockatoos (1 Viewer)

It is an unmusical sound they do make
Yet even by sound them one could never mistake
They can even be taught how to speak the way humans do
The big white parrots known as sulphur crested cockatoo
By their loud squawkings of their presence they make one aware
And in parts of Australia these birds are not rare
The yellow crest on their head they can raise with ease
They live in large flocks and they squawk as they please
Their palish to white eggs few privileged to see
As they nest in a cavity high on a tree
'Tis said that they can live for a century
For a person that does even seem old to me
Their squawkings is more akin to noise than sound
And they squawk on the trees and whilst flying around.

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