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Open source environmental audio recorder (1 Viewer)


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just stumbled upon this project called AudioMoth by Open Acoustic Devices a collaboration of scientists from University of Southampton and Oxford University.

This is battery powered, long endurance, open hard- and software recorder for audible and ultrasound (up to 192 kHz) ranges. Since both the hard- and software are open source, it is probably easily modified for other uses, like visualization or translating into audible range for bat calls and the like...




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Looks intriguing. Might have to see what others make of it before spending my money.


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These have been out a while now. I got one recently, as the firmware had been updated to include a "triggering" feature. (Which isn't a triggering feature, but I think it records everything, then deletes empty files? Or something)

You program them via a pc, with scheduled times for them to record, sampling rate, filter etc. They are primarily intended to be left in the field for several days at a time.

I had a mixed time at first, and must have stumbled across all the peculiarities and quirks of it, before starting to appreciate it.

It works well with Audacity, and a Linux command to merge wav files into a single file.

I have left it overnight, and gone thru the files the following morning. I like the fact it captures birds and bats on the same file. Audacity can slow down a section of bat calls if required.

Posted about it on my blog...

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Firmware update 1.5.0 for the audiomoth now includes an audio chime from an app to set the time, and the configuration doesn't get deleted when you change battery.
(Maybe the time does get deleted, thus the app to set it in the field).

Also the known weakness where the battery pack can break off the circuit board has almost happened to me, despite not using it for a few months.
This looks like a really bad bit of design, but I'll glue a bracket to one the corners I suppose to keep it secure

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