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Opticron IS 60 ED WP broken body (1 Viewer)


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Dear members,

Have you seen anything, like this, on attached photos, previously? This is a gently used, well kept, not old little scope, but its body broken into two half. The telescope was always put on ever-ready padded case (from the same brand), used mainly to watch birds on feeder from an appartment. There is absolutely no sing of any falls/hits on the body and the owner had no incident with the scope.

Do you think that any repair/change is possible from Opticron? All documents, bills is available from the owner's part, so a fast return for the aftersales services is very probably.

Thanks for any help or suggestions,



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Oh dear! Although not an expert in the compounds in plastics, the crack doesn't appear to be clean or along a joint between the different plastic compartments which would be suggestive that it has been dropped or knocked - somebody may correct me on this, but the only other options would be if exposed to massively divergent temperatures causing the plastic to shatter, or the screws holding the two sections together had been over-tightened.
A fall within a soc could crack the housing without leaving an obvious impact mark on the body.
I'm not certain that this model is still produced, so may be best to contact Opticron directly: https://www.opticron.co.uk/contact-us

Hope this helps.


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Yes , they would supply and fit a new rear end, re gas and colimate but It is probably not cost effective to send this and have it repaired by Opticron, (if they have a spare part!). The damage to the back end of the telescope, to me, does look like impact shattering caused by a fall of the unit. Even with a padded case, this type of shattering can occur. Better to claim on the insurance or save for a new one. Nothing to lose by sending the whole scope ( less eyepiece ) back to Opticron for a quote and then evaluate from there.
Very much doubt it will be repaired under warranty I'm afraid.
There is an Opticron representative member on BF.
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The scope is covered by 10 year warranty and was discontinued in early 2015 so parts will be available until 2025 (or an alternative product would be offered if parts are depleted before then).

The cost to replace both prism housings and refill with nitrogen is around €80 but there may be other damage that would incur additional costs. We wouldn't be able to give a firm quote until we have the scope returned to us.

It would be best to send your photos to [email protected] and my colleague Stuart will advise what can be done.

Cheers, Pete


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Dear Pete and other members,

Thank you for your comments, the owner will send the photos and the scope body itself soon. I hope it is possible to repair it.


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