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Opticron SR GA 8x32 outside (1 Viewer)


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Pete Gamby is advertising a few pairs on eBay some 'open box' but all at good prices so I had to try a pair, and what a pleasant surprise they were. SN is 7899 and they are extremely well finished, tiny but exuding quality and very nice to hold, and they look brand new.

In advance, Mr Gamby had confirmed what I had gathered, that ER is not sufficient to get full field of view when wearing glasses. For me that has indeed proved to be so, although with glasses and with the eyecups rolled down I can see most of it.

Much nicer to leave the glasses off though, when the limits are sharp which gave a good impression right away, along with a large field of view. I suppose that sharpness may drop off towards the very edge when you look for it, but this happens gradually and well outside the area which is usually appreciable so it hardly counts. It was certainly much less evident than in most of the many 'lowly'/'sub-alphas' which I have tried before, although pincushion is at par.

On the other end of the scale would be Nikon 7x35 Action Extreme which immediately, at about half way from the centre, seemed blurry. Those are waterproof and have more eye relief and twist up eyepieces, but they could also be around 50% more in weight and much bulkier. Apart from waterproofing I would put the SR GA on a par with, or better than, the Meostar 8x32, which in my example had sloppier focussing and did not seem especially bright.

The main thing with SR GA was simply the impression of quality, brightness, and crispness, to a degree which is more often found at an exalted cost. On the hinge is 'w i d e 8.2 (+degree symbol)'. Whatever the field might really be, it is enough to remove any feeling of looking down a tunnel.

Focus of SR GA has sometimes been said to be tricky and eye placement critical, which I did not find to be the case. On my example the focussing is firm but smooth, and not at all 'rubbery' or 'squidgy'. It is fast but also precise, just as I would prefer.

There is indeed some fore and aft movement of the focus wheel on its shaft, as well as the usual movement of eyepieces relative to each other which is visible with porros. The latter is less pronounced than it was on my Nikon SE, which did not affect accuracy of focus either and on my example of SR GA the fore and aft play does not seem to cause problems.

The main hinge is very stiff but adjustment not at all crucial so for me eye placement was actually very easy, with no tendency to blackouts or 'kidney beaning' i.e. quite unlike Nikon SE.

I have a bit of astigmatism but even without glasses the sharpness of the SR GA was exceptionally good, being equal to EDG 8x42, so I am particularly pleased with that. Also I think that the combination of shape, weight, and small size makes them easy to hold steady.

The view with EDG does look somehow more 'expansive' and with that I don't need to take the glasses off or worry about a bit of rain, but otherwise the Opticron does not suffer much in comparison.

Anyway I think they are dinky and nice to have. Thank you Pete and Opticron.
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