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Orion 8-24mm Pro Lanthanum Zoom (1 Viewer)


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A rather small eye lens means either short eye relief or a narrow AFOV, probably both.


hmmm, well the specs say 20mm Eye Relief, 40-60 FOV which isn't wide angle but not out of line. Plus it's parfocal, ED Lanthanum glass and about $100 bucks less than the Baader. It's piqued my interest that's for sure.


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for 60 deg of afov your eypiece field lens diameter is 2 * 20mm * tan(30 deg) or 23mm.

The width of the whole EP is given as 2 inch and they offer a nice zoom function for the image... so zoom until the EP is 2" wide on screen and measure eyelens diameter (I get 18mm or so).

So we either have less ER than specified or less afov - or both.



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I read some of the limited reviews on this eyepiece, and some people seemed to find this eyepiece very similar, if not a clon of the Olivon Pro zoom.. Others think that it would be a clon of the original Vixen lanthanum, with a different body design, but most of the owners of the Olivon Pro, agree that the zoom is the same eyepiece.. This Olivon Pro, is also a clon of the Celestron Regal zoom, and this seems consistent with specifications..
I owned the Regal zoom and it is a nice eyepiece. I posted a review a while ago, and I noticed the FOV to be slightly wider than standard zooms I have used to date, but not in the league of the Hyperion Zoom, that to my standards is already a wide angle eyepiece in all the range. My copy of the Regal zoom got stuck at high power and would not zoom back, and never did, so it. became a large 60x, yes, wide eyepiece.. It is the only zoom that failed on me and probably nothing more than a bad unit, plus I bought it used, from a member here that also got it used, so we can't tell if the eyepiece was abused or what. All in all, IF is indeed the same zoom, It's a nice eyepiece, but at 200 euros, I think the Baader is a better deal.. Better built, more versatile and adaptable and offers a wider FOV with the same if not better IQ, although the image through the Regal zoom was indeed really good as well. I don't know if this is the same eyepiece for sure, but a few members in Cloudy nights pointed me in that direction after reading a few posts.
I hope some first hand reviews or opinions are added to the thread..

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