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Owlers Stories (1 Viewer)


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I'm a big fan of owl watching. And listening.

This morning all was quiet until about 7:15. Just before sunrise, one Great Horned started hooting. Then another. The pair went back and forth for a few minutes then stopped about sunrise.

They were both northwest to my porch, unseen, and about 50 yards away.

The second semmed a bit farther off, deep into the woods, but I couldn't tell as I couldn't see them. Often I hear one morning owl but this was unusual - two calling back and forth.

It was later that I thought that next time a pair go into a call-and-response, I should go out into the woods with my binoculars and try to spot them.

It was nice morning music.

Anyone else with an owl story? Let's hear.


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When I hiked the Pacific Crest Trail (camping in the wild), I often heard Great Horned Owl hooting in trees right next to my tent. I felt that these were not coincidences. I think that the owls have learned that tents attract rodents and that they actively seek them out.

Unfortunately, I never managed to actually see one, because as soon as I opened the zip of my tent the owls were always immediately silent and I wasn't able to spot them even with a flashlight.

I had and interesting experience in Australia too, with some nocturnal bird "attacking" my tent. He hit the roof of my little tent twice. It was almost scary if it wasn't so interesting. I have never figured out what kind of bird this was or why he would behave like that. It was a spot in the middle of nowhere, where certainly nobody has ever camped before. Perhaps it was a strange object on its usual hunting grounds?


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Good stories! Thanks.

My Great Horned came back last night but without a partner. I heard just one owl hooting. Maybe the partner was hunting.

I think my area may have more owl activity with a full or near full moon. I'll have to check my records. Maybe the light makes hunting easier in my backyard where there are holes in the canopy for the moon to shine. Or maybe the owls just like moonlight to hoot in.

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