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Pacific Islands - Vanuatu (1 Viewer)

Larry Sweetland

Formerly 'Larry Wheatland'
Anyone going to Vanuatu soon or been in last year or so?

Anyone with recent logistical info (including costs ) on birding Espirito Santo?

Hoping to go in June. Any advice welcome.



(dear MODs just noticed there isn't a subforum for this area of the world so can't find previous post for Fiji? - could new Pacific Islands subforum be created?)
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I birded the Loru Protected Area in 2006 - saw everything possible there with the exception of the kingfisher, although heard several.

Logistics wise - I just turned up on Espirito Santo, stayed a night in Lugenville and then arranged a pick up to take me upto to a village called Kole 1, this is where the chief lives, its his son that can guide you. when I was there you could either stay in the village or camp closer to the forest (there are a couple of thatched huts and a toilet) adjacent to the forest - the huts where in a pretty bad state when I was there so I camped. I stayed for two days before having to leave to fly back.

have a look at the following link


They may be able to help you with more upto date info.

I didn't make it as far as the Vatthe Conservation Area in the north, but i know that you can access some higher forest here.

hope this is some help

Larry Sweetland

Formerly 'Larry Wheatland'
Thanks Tanager, that's a great help.

I still can't find my previous post on Fiji. Where has it gone?- there is still no Pacific Island subforum to post on? can a MOD please advise where I should post?
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Just for interest, it cost me 3000 Vatu to hire a pickup from Lugenville to Loru, but sorry I can't remeber what I paid to stay there.

If you are a bit more organsised than I was you can get one of the public minibuses that transfer people up and down the east coast road to and from Lugenville, they run as far as Vatte, although there don't appear to be very many during the day, and if travelling north up to Loru or Vatte it would be best to get one in the afternoon as they take people home.

Also have a look at;


Are you planning on going to New Caledonia?

All the best,



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I haven't been to New Caledonia but from reading trip reports it seems that its pretty easy to get all the likely endemic birds within comfortable reach of Noumea, and kagu in particular doesn't seem overly hard (but, like I said, I ain't never been there!) :)


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Kagu is easy. Attached are my notes for New Calendonia (mainland only)

On New Caledonia I rented a car and camped at a little campsite roughly opposite the entrance track to Riviere Blue NP. The campsite was free and there where toilets and showers (cold only), it can get busy at weekends though.

The entrance fee to Riviere Blue NP was 400CPF for the car and one person.

When I was there the bridge (Pont Perignon) was still out (don't know if this has changed) so you had to leave the car there and hike (1.5hrs) to reach the start of the humid forest.

You can camp in the park near Pont Germain, however there is only a toilet there and no running water as far as I can remember so you'll have to take in all the water and food you'll need. I can recommend camping there as it was relatively easy to contect with Crow Honeyeater there in the early evening and morning.

Directions to Grassbird site at Farino, north of Noumea;

Drive north from Noumea towards La Foa, after La Foa turn off (heading inland) towards Farino and follow signs for the Refuge de Farino. Pass down a steep hill with a chapel on the right and a bridge over the stream on the left. go over the bridge and follow the dirt track right (initally runs alongside the stream) follow the track to the top crossing a cattle grid about half way up. park in the flat area at the top and walk down the left hand track, the grassbird was seen in the grass/scrub on the right of the track (with pines on the left).

All the best,



  • New Caledonia trip report.doc
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  • Kagu and Tent.JPG
    Kagu and Tent.JPG
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Cagou is normally easy to find ( except when they creating there nest ). I recommend to stay different days with tent in Parc Riviere Bleue.
The bird is not shy. At first You will hear a sound like hiss of a crocodil or hudge lizzard.
Good spots are between Point Germain and the Kauri loop.
At Point Germain I saw Cagou 5 m away from the tent.
Near Point Germain is also the best spot for Crow Honeyeater.
Hear the sound before in the information centre.
The parc is the best place for forest birds in NC.
Inside the parc is a public bus transport different time per day.

Good spot for Nycticorax caledonicus is parc forestier ( breed in the bambus ) or the beaches near Yate ( e.g. Waho ).

Waders are good near Dumbea bay.

Another good place for bird watching is Farino.
They want to create an official parc there ( the mangers told me 11/2007 ).
The parc should call "Grand Fougere".
Near Farino is Plateau de dogny ( Saramea ) where is possible to find Amborella trichopa ( flowers in March, Amborellaceae is the first flowering plant family ).

Ouvea Paraket you will find in the north of the island.

You can contact also Nicloas Barre.

Give them a call, they speak english very good.


Best regards
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