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Paradise Flycatchers ID, Guangxi, China (Round 2) and Malayan/Japanese Night Heron (1 Viewer)


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Today I came across two more paradise flycatchers in Baise, Guangxi, China. The first one I believe to be an adult female. (first three photos). The head was dark gray/black as was the throat, which contrasted fairly sharply with the lighter gray breast
The second one I believe was a 1st year male, as its central tail feathers were not extremely long, but still extended past the outer tail feathers.

I previously posted asking whether in this location it would likely be Amur or Blyth's Paradise Flycatcher. Once again, any help would be appreciated. I apologize in advance for the terrible quality photos.

Secondly, I was surprised to happen upon a night heron in the subtropical forest. Elevation about 260m. Having only seen Black-crowned Night Heron in China before (and being quite familiar with this species), I immediately knew this was something different. The appearance was of a fairly uniformally cryptic speckled bird (immature, not adult). I only got to see it for about one second before it flew away. Upon some further inspection it seems Malayan Night Heron would be the most likely species: Would Japanese Night Heron even be a possibility this far west? I'm curious to know whether there are any differences in the habitat that these two species prefer or whether there are any other distinctive behavioral characteristics.



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Again, it's very difficult, perhaps not possible, to identify these with certainty from images like these (no disrespect intended).

Despite what you say about the first bird showing a contrasting dark throat, that's not apparent in the images, which seem to show a greyish throat grading into the grey breast, especially in the flight shot. Also note how the crown is darker and contrasts with the rest of the head, and the rufous vent. So maybe Blyth's?

The second bird seems to show more of a contrast between throat and breast, especially in the second shot. Its upperparts are a slightly different shade to the first bird too, a richer brown. This would seem to suggest Amur.

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