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Parakeets in Scotland (1 Viewer)


Stuck in Dundee.....
Ring Necked Parakeet is the one bird I have on my life list that I don't have on my Scottish list and I'd like to sort that if at all possible. Numbers do appear to be creeping up year on year in Scotland. Does anyone have details on (semi-)reliable sites for them (preferably as precise as possible - particularly parts of parks etc). Headed west tomorrow, so Glasgow area is main focus of question, but info on anywhere else in Scotland is very welcome, just in case we miss out.


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I had someone say they had seen them in Tollcross Park in the east end of Glasgow. There's a wee zoo type thing there and I was told the parakeets were around there. However, this is second hand at best. I've never been there to look myself.
Hope it helps.


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29 parakeets reported in Victoria Park yesterday morning. I'm going to head over today to see if they're still about.


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I took a walk through Victoria Park today looking for the parakeets. For all I've lived in Glasgow most of my life it was my first visit to the park. There's a boating pond which had a family of mute swans, a number of mallards and tufted ducks, coots, moorhens and little grebe (pictured). Quite a lot of black headed gulls were around, probably some other gulls too. Around the trees were long-tailed tits, great and blue tits, chaffinch, goldfinch, robins, blackbirds. There were a good number of Redwings around and some Fieldfares (photos). A sparrow hawk flew over, and disturbed a couple of birds. I focused on the hawk, but would be pretty sure by the silhouettes and the cries that they were parakeets. However, I didn't see them through the binos and they didn't reappear. So the chances are there are parakeets there, but I can't positively say there are.


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I used to live across from Victoria Park, Glasgow and used to visit regularly. There are loads of parakeets there but they can be difficult to spot. Toward the back of the park in the trees that lie inbetween the park and Victoria Park Drive South, and also within the enclosed pond and garden area behind the main pond. Listen out for their shrill squawking which gives their location away. In summer just past there were over a dozen and they have been known to bully the magpies.


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Didn't know we have a self-sustaining population here in Scotland!
I've been fascinated following the progress of certain cat.c passerines on the continent using eBird's mapping but hadn't gotten around to looking at parrots yet.
The parakeet is not even on my British list yet so a trip down the M8 is on the cards.


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Success at last! I managed to get a good view of at least six parakeets in Victoria Park this afternoon. Unfortunately only had my binoculars and a mobile phone, so the silhouette photo is the best evidence I can provide. But I had some really good views in flight and on trees, so my positive identification is clear, after all they are pretty unmistakable for anything else! Chalk that up as a lifer.


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Been a while since I used VB but trying to attach image file.

(It worked, daily visitor in EK)


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delia todd

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A lovely picture that Dougster. Excellent!

Maybe they'll come to Blairgowrie yet LOL.... never saw the London ones, they weren't really there when I lived there.

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