Parrotbill - Hangzhou, China, Jan 08


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Hi All,

Please could someone help me ID this parrotbill? I suspect it's Vinous-throated, but could it be Ashy-throated?

Seen in a group of 7-10 birds, very active in bushes and shrubs in park land near the West Lake, Hangzhou in late January. Birds were emitting constant high pitched twittering, if this helps!

Sorry for the poor image quality. Light was very poor and couldn't get a fast shutter speed to freeze movement.

Many thanks in advance for any help.



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Mark Harper

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Looks like Vinous-throated, Ashy-throated is only found in the south-west of China, which I don't think Hangzhou is in.


Jeff Hopkins

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I agree with vinous-throated. I see them a lot in Korea.

Don't know why they call them that, tho, since the throuat usually is off-white like in your photos.


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Many thanks for the ID. I've since read elsewhere that Ashy-throated are only in SW China. Hangzhou is near the east coast so I guess this narrows the options. Thanks again.