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Pekka Nikander's Zeiss 32mm brief review (1 Viewer)


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A brief review has been posted over on the Finnish Lintu Varuste site.

-Zeiss' new smaller SF models proved
to be excellent binoculars - they have a very wide field of view, 8x 155 m
and 10x 130 m, losing only a hint to the new Swarovski NL Pure models image on both models is very sharp and tek and very blunt-edge
color defect was even smaller than the Swarovski NL Pure model, the color border was narrower and the color border was outer red and inner blue. Under normal conditions, you practically don't see the color border, but it needs to be searched and only
appears on very steep surfaces, such as the black and white border edge of the black and white pattern twists more than nl pure, making a clearer carousel/rollerball effect than swarovsky's NL Pure. It didn't bother me much, but some of the viewers who watched through the binoculars found it clearly more disturbing than swarovski's NL Pure, meaning that the edge of the picture compresses the periphery a little more and starts a little earlier than in Swarovski's NL Pure.
image is not quite as distinctive and easy as swarovski's new, but the differences are very small. Compared to other brands and models, the Zeiss Victory 8x32SF and 10x32SF look better. It may be that Swarovski's larger front lens gives some advantage here, allowing for a more discerning picture.
-3x When viewed with zeiss buuster, the image on the test board was very good. The patterns were repetitively and sharply repeated
and the image was flawless in all respects, the blocking of the 'any' of what's anti-glare on the Victory 32SF models is top notch, the binoculars are hardly wary of the sun and it's easy to look next to the sun, the anti-glare of the interior is clearly invested, I compared a couple of pictures of Zeiss 10x32SF and Swarovsk's 10x32ELrovision from the target from the target inside the binocular inside. Zeiss looks almost completely black, while Swarovski shows clearly more
different reflective surfaces on the inside - Zeiss' focus is fast, approx. 1.8 turns from
side to side, when focusing close to focus works lighter
and when focusing far more rigidly, the eyecups have four different positions i.e. closed, fully open and two intermediate position focus wheel is big and fingers can easily find it, close focus distance is less than 2 meters

Pekka Nikander 19.8.2020

The above is google translated but I think you get the gist of it.

They sound very good.

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