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Pentax ZD 10x43 ED (1 Viewer)


Hi, I haven't found much information about these on this forum (actually the same applies for the internet).

Yesterday I had the posibility to compare it side by side with my Swarovski EL 8.5x42, but only for about 5 min. The impressions are positive so far. Mechanically very good and optically not any flaws that I can complain of (that can be expected at this price point). Luminous (for a 10x), good contrast, and only some field curvature in the outer 10-15%. focusing on that 10-15% no other aberrations were evident, so only field curvature at first sight. Pointing to some distant roofs/antennas against the sky I couln't detect any CA.
I hadn't time for anymore.

Additionally, the price of these Pentax is fluctuating on Amazon (at least in amazon Italy and Amazon Spain), reaching a bit more than 500 euros (which seems to be the lowest price ever in Amazon). Maybe some new model coming?

Anyway, it would be appreciated if anyone has some first hand experience with these 10x43 to confirm this (good) first impression. At a price a bit over 500 it could be a very interesting option.


John A Roberts

Well-known member
Hi FlanaganV,

The ZD ED's seem to be a minor upgrade to the earlier DCF ED series that I posted about at: Pentax 8x32 DCF ED review by Roger Vine
Unfortunately, there's not a lot about either on the net. However, the link should help.

As can be seen, it seems that the original series used two different eyepieces:
• a wider FOV/ shorter ER one for the 8x32 and 10x43, and;
• a longer ER/ narrower FOV one for the 8x43 and 10x50.

And see the information that I could find about the ZD ED's in a catalogue dated Jan 2021 (the same information and images are also in a 2015 one) *
n.b. the externally similar ZD WP's are not optically the same.

Taking into account the comments in the previous thread, if you can get a 10x43 at a low price, you should be well satisfied **


* To download the 2021 catalogue, click on the button at the 'Sport Optics' section of this page: Shop - Ricoh

** Arek has posted a favourable review of the 10x43 DCF ED at: Pentax DCF ED 10x43 - binoculars review - AllBinos.com
And while he comments on the exit pupils being truncated, the loss won't be noticeable in use.


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I have owned the newer versions of the 8x43, 10x43 and the 10x50 ZD ED as well as the older DCF ED 8x32ED, 8x43, 10x43 and the 10x50 DCF ED Pentax Binoculars. The most comfortable/ user friendly to use with eye glasses was the 8x43. The least for me, unusable were the 10x43. These did not have enough eye relief. Of the two ED versions I liked the DCF ED’s over the ZD. Two my eyes both equally sharp but the DCF’s I found gave more of a pop to my eyes, colors more vibrant. I also liked both the 10x50 versions, very easy to use. Great eye relief with my eye glasses.


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I would also like to mention the only other binocular that I have owned/used in that 10-12x power / 42-50mm objective size since the Pentax 10x50 ED’s , that is in the same price range made in Japan and just as user friendly to use with my eye glasses …. is the Sig Sauer Zulu9 11x45 I now own. I bring these into the discussion because at the time that I owned both versions of the Pentax ED 10x50‘s, I thought these were the best for eye glass users in that 50mm objective size and price range made in Japan. Comparing the two now, I find the Sig Sauer Zulu9 11x45 out performing the Pentax in all categories.

John A Roberts

Well-known member
Unsurprisingly, since the ZD ED/ DCF ED series is Pentax’s premium binocular line, there has been improvement to the coatings across the production life.
Compare the two graphs from Arek for the 8x43 versions. While the ZD doesn’t have higher peak transmission (which was already high on the DCF), it does have far more even transmission due to the improvement up to 600 nm.

As to when this took place? All we know is that Arek’s review of the original ED dates from June 2012: Pentax DCF ED 8x43 - binoculars review - AllBinos.com
and the newer ZD from June 2017: Pentax ZD 8x43 ED - binoculars review - AllBinos.com



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ZEISS. Discover the fascinating world of birds, and win a birding trip to Columbia
ZEISS. Discover the fascinating world of birds, and win a birding trip to Columbia
ZEISS. Discover the fascinating world of birds, and win a birding trip to Columbia

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