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Hi i'm off to perth australia soon,i have been once before and had a great time discovering all the birds new to me in this part of the world,(it was just like starting birding all over again).On my last visit i saw very few waders due to not knowing of any suitable habitat in the area,and i was wondering if anyone knows the area and can point me towards any places that i could catch up with the odd wader or two.
thanks mike


SteveClark said:
G'day Mike is a great website for birds in WA. It has info on sites around Perth and, no doubt, Frank could give you more info if you contacted him.

Have a great trip.



Hi Steve
thanks for the info,what a great website it will certainly be a big help in finding more birds. and as an added bonus i will be over there in time for the rugby final.
regards mike


Mike, i bet you'll have a great time out there. I have an uncle and aunt there and the last time my brother visited them he brought me a book named: Amazing Facts About Australian Birds. It's a great book and it gives names of diff waders like: Black-fronted Dotterel, Painted Snipe, Red-necked Phalarope(rare summer visitor), Terek Sandpiper, Grey Plover (winter), Wandering Tattler and Sooty Oystercatcher. Good luck on the trip!


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Hi Mike,
A warm welcome to Australia (for when you get here). Try conacting the WA branch of Birds Australia at or email to [email protected] . There may be some outings or campouts that you would enjoy and where I'm sure you would be made very welcome.

Have fun.
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