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Photoshop Elements 9 and Windows 10. (1 Viewer)


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Does anybody know if PSE 9 can work properly on a Windows 10 PC please? I can download photos in the usual way and see them in the organiser but when I try to edit then save, all I can see in the organiser is a grey box with an image of a torn photo in it. I tried up-dating PSE 9 on several occasions but got error messages each time...is PSE 9 even supported by Adobe still?
If need be I'll get PSE 15 but not if it can't be guaranteed to actually work.




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Adobe say the first version with Windows 10 support is PSE 14; 15 works fine. The last update for PSE 9 was over 6 years ago so safe to say it is unsupported, Adobe usually stop updates for old versions as soon as the new one is released.

Having a quick search has shown some people have got PSE 9 to work in windows 10 by using Compatibility Mode. You can have a go by right clicking on the shortcut you use and clicking on Properties and the Compatibility Tab and trying the various settings. (If your shortcut is in the Windows 10 Start Menu you will have to Right Click then go More> Open File Location then Right Click on that Shortcut!)


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Thanks to both of you for your replies.

Mono, if I can open PSE 9 in Compatibility Mode once, do I have to always do that or should it then work properly in future? I'm about to try the method you suggest so fingers crossed.




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Tried various options but none helped, so I still get the grey box with the torn photo icon when I close the Edit window to get back to the Organiser window. Most frustrating. Al least I know a lot more about Compatibility Mode than I did, so that's a plus!




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I have PSE7 working perfectly well under Windows 10. Never had an issue with it. Is it an issue of Windows not liking certain file types rather than PSE itself?


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So much seems to depend on what hardware, drivers etc., you were running prior to Windows 10 as to what works now, my main hassle at the moment is Twain drivers suddenly losing sight of the scanner during scanning, happens with different scanners and different drivers. A pain but I will live with it. Not a problem before the 'upgrade'.

A plus is that my unreliable USB 3 ports now behave.

My graphics card is now incompatible with Windows 10s latest libraries and so some photo software that worked fine before cannot be upgraded and is now unreliable - this may be related to your problem. The software worked for a long time until one particular W10 upgrade.

Against that I am running in normal mode, a copy of Painshop Pro 9 perfectly happily dating back to 2004. (The last version before Corel changed things - that version of PSP can rapidly do a number of things that are at the least ponderous to achieve in other software). I do have the latest version for things that 13 year old software is not so good at!

The good news is that none of my computers are compatible with Cortana! The bad news is that Skype seems to share Cortanas audio drivers so yet another previously reliable bit of software bites the dust.

It seems that even if your computers were compatible with the first version of Windows 10 that happy state doesn't always last.

I do have several modern photo editing sw packages that do work fine, including Affinity and PSP, unfortunately Adobe and I parted company some years back and I havn't run even Lightroom for ages so don't know if their software would like my computing environment still or not.

You have my sympathy and best wishes for finding a simple fix.
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A belated up-date: I down-loaded a trial version of Elements 15 and everything worked just fine so I bought it once the trial period was about finished. I suppose it was about time I moved on from Elements 9!
Thanks to all who replied earlier,


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