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I totally forgot that the pics hosted on my old blog, will be gone here too after the BIG BOOM CRASH.... sigh

Guess I'll just over time add them again, whenever I add it on my new blog.

But looking at it from the bright side, at least some of the texts are saved over here ;)

B :)



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Poor you.

Maybe you coud put some more of your photos in the gallery here and it least you have a bit of a back up on some


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Oh, I still have them on Harddrive - thank goodness.
It's only that all the work on the texts is gone :/
Two years of collecting *sigh*

But I got over it - it was my own fault anyway :)


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Hi Nicole,
The big crash, boom doesn't sound good. I went to your St. Catherine's post and was dissappointed I couldn't see a Tristram's Grackle ;). I don't remember that one from my time in Egypt or the Red Sea area. Now, I'll have to google!:) Sorry to hear about the crash, I hate it when stuff like that happens. I have had three lap-tops die during this sail around the world. I lost most of my Aussie photos and all but one disk saved from our sail through Indonesia. Whether it's your fault or not, I sympathise.


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Thanks, Sue!
We lost all our digital wedding pics, I learned my lesson.
I have most shots on an external and a backup on another external now.
I should have the TG somewhere ready to post.
Will see if I can get the old posts up to date again.
But I'm sure you found better shots online than mine.
I just can't win a medal with my 18-200mm unless the birdies cooperate very well :)

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