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I've lived on this property 40 years and this is the second Pileated I've ever seen. They are just out of the normal range by about 150 miles.

The first was in 2005 in a Blackjack Oak tree about 50 ft. from this more recent and a much better pic on a bare Walnut trunk in 2017. I would never have known he/she was in the Oak unless I had seen it coming into that tree.

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Talk about being at the right place at the right time...!!

On August 5th there was a report on texbirds of 2 Pileated Woodpeckers at Mineral Wells State Park, west of Dallas, 100 miles or so from Abilene and 200 from San Angelo. Couldn't help but think "...that bird was lost." On top of that, it drew no attention on texbird.....I thought that was odd.

Texbird has a couple prominent birders in the Lubbock area north to the Panhandle who regularly post their sightings, weekly it seems like. Anyway, I don't recall the Pileated making their list.

Haven't been in San Angelo long, 15 years. A year ago this past summer a pair of Great Kiskadees showed up at the lake. First recorded sighting during my time. Don't know if the pair stuck around last winter but last week I got an ebird Rare Bird Alert the Kiskadee is still here. Guess it's going to winter over. At this point it seems obvious they've extended their range up from the LRGV. Wonder now how long it will take (years) to remove it from the Rare Bird listing?

Nice catch and thanks for reporting it, I like hearing this stuff.


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A BIL is in the Olney vicinity occasionally and tells me he has seen the Pileated in that area.

Thanks to Wikipedia for supplying the map.


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