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Pipilo socorroensis (1 Viewer)


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2023-C-8 N&MA Classification Committee p. 605 Treat Pipilo socorroensis as a separate species from Spotted Towhee P. maculatus

This proposal mentions the two names P. carmani Lawrence (?) 1871? And P. socorroensis Grayson 1867. While in a fever I wrote a little about this with many links.

Natural History of the Tres Marias and Socorro. Ed by Lawrence Read 6/7/71 Year on cover 1871.

Lots of published works cite P. carmani Lawrence Annals of the Lyceum of natural History society of New York as dated 1872.

The date of the 1871 Annals was discussed in Browning & Monroe 1991 Archives of Natural History which I have no access. But Forster in 1891 list the Lyceum publication date as 1872.

The published writings of George Newbold Lawrence, 1844-1891 - Biodiversity Heritage Library .

Guide to the Andrew Jackson Grayson Papers, 1844-1901 shows that Baird and Lawrence both communicated with Col. Grayson and his wife after his death.

Guide to the Andrew Jackson Grayson Papers, 1844-1901 .

In 1869 Volume of the Proceedings of the Boston Natural History it shows that their library had volume 16 of the California Farmer and Journal of useful science which is the volume that P. socorrensis is published. No one could make an argument that California Farmer was not a proper place for publication of a scientific name.

Proceedings of the Boston Society of Natural History .

Page 48.

The Smithsonian has this odd book of Baird’s that has maps and his correspondence. The museum links to this book if you search for Dr. Carman.

https://collections.si.edu/search/slideshow_embedded?xml=https://siarchives.si.edu/sites/default/files/viewers/csc/viewer_sic_14152_91-069_B01_F01.xml .

In 1874 Baird Brewer and Ridgway say that Lawrence published carmani first but it was a Baird MSS.

v.2 - A history of North American birds - Biodiversity Heritage Library . Footnote.

But in the 1871/1872 Lyceum Lawrence states that Grayson asks him to name it after his doctor.

And in the Lawrence article in the Proceedings of Boston NH 1871 he often states Baird MS like in Socorro Parrot account but for the P. carmani account he claims he named it by not citing a Baird MS.

v.14 (1870-1871) - Proceedings of the Boston Society of Natural History - Biodiversity Heritage Library This is a separate publication List of Socorro Island Birds Collected by AJ Grayson May 1867. This work cites Annals Lyceum NH NY 1871.

Grayson.] 298 [June 7, 1871

List of Socorro Island Birds collected

by A. J. Grayson, May, 1867.

1. Conurus holoehlorus var. brevipes Baird. Ann. Lye.

N. Y., Vol. x, p. 14. "Socorro Parrot."

G. N. Lawrence b. 1806 from Forest Hill Flushing NY of Puritan stock as a boy met Audubon’s sons Victor and John. In 1841 he was invited by Bell he of Bell’s Sparrow to hear a lecture by Spencer F. Baird. They became fast friends.

In 1874 Lawrence writes an article that includes Grayson’s birds but adds nothing much.

v.2 (1871-1878) - Memoirs read before the Boston Society of Natural History - Biodiversity Heritage Library .

P. socorrensis is the right name and 1867 is right date and Col. AJ Grayson is the author. But the synonym P. carmani Lawrence is the right author and not Baird. The OD may be the Proceedings of Boston NH . In a Psyche article it says articles took 6 months to get published in the proceedings in the 1870s.

v.4 (1883-1890) - Psyche - Biodiversity Heritage Library .

If Lyceum is the OD 1872 might be the right date following Forster 1891.
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