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My latest offering for hopeful confirmation of ID.

The closest I can get is a possible Olive-backed pipit ?

Small groups of 2-4 birds, foraging in short grass along the roadside and also in parkland.

I'd be grateful of a positive ID if possible.

Many thanks


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Dougie Preston

I live for this S**T
Not too familiar with the choices over in that part of the world, but I can't see why it isn't an Olive-backed Pipit.


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Hi Kevin,
Certainly Olive-backed Pipits, and very nice pics! The small pipits that occur in China, as far as I'm aware, are Red-throated, Pechora and Olive-backed, though species like (Asian) Buff-bellied may not look that large either, but Olive-backed differs from all the rest due to the combination of relatively plain, olive-toned, upperparts, pink legs, relatively short hind claw (if this can be seen), the typical head pattern (with obvious dark and white spots, distinct supercilium (with a dark upper border)), calls (if heard, a buzzing call similar to that of Tree), jizz (Tree and OBP share a 'creeping' gait, a tendency to fly up and perch on tree branches within the canopy, tail-pumping etc).


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Thanks for the confirmation and to Harry for the extensive ID notes - very helpful for future reference next time I'm out in that part of the world.

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