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Pipit or Thrush or..... (1 Viewer)


Just dont call me late for dinner...
Date: Jan. 12, 2020 11:30 am
Place: Maruyama Park, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

Hi Everyone!

I'm having trouble IDing this bird.
It was quite high up in the tree to get a good shot.
Hopefully someone can help me
see and learn what it is. :)

I thought maybe it is;
1.Olive-backed Pipit
2. A Japanese, Dusky, or Naumann's Thrush
3. something else.

Thanks greatly for any help!
Jeff :D


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Hi Otarujef,

Looks very much like a Dusky Thrush to my eye, perhaps with some other influence?

See what others think.



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Looks a lot like dusky thrush to me too (esp. chequering on the breast and broad white eye-stripe). Also, at the top of a tree where I can't get a good picture is exactly where I'm used to seeing dusky thrush in China. They seem very difficult to approach.



Just dont call me late for dinner...
Thanks Ken!

I was confused as it is more thin like a Pipit,
not stout enough for a Dusky I thought,
but winter and snow, who knows???
I do see the resemblance to a Dusky....

Like you say perhaps and see what others say...
Thanks again!

Jeff :D


Just dont call me late for dinner...
Hi Michael!
Yes, Thanks,
The markings on the face make sense to be a Dusky.
Perhaps the light made a golden hue that confused me on the face markings.
One angle for the breast shows heavy chequering, another angle, not so much..
Shots of birds high in trees almost directly above you or at a distance in the top of trees are a challenge if thats all you got.
Thanks Again!
Jeff :D


Just dont call me late for dinner...
Thanks Andrew!
Well its unanimous then!
:D :D :D

Thanks Everyone!

All I got to do is run over to eBird real quick now! LOL

Jeff :)

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