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Pipit - Poland (1 Viewer)


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Today I saw this Pipit in the North-West Poland in a wet marshland.. I can only see it as a Water Pipit, due to the clear 2 white bar on the wings and what looks like white line above the eyes.. No streaking on breast/below and beginning of reddish color on the breast/below..

Just wanted to make sure, that I made the right ID, since the amount of Water Pipits reported this year has been very low in the area, so it's my first one this year..

Thanks for your help


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Alexander Stöhr

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yes I agree with you its a Water Pipit. Its not one of those Meadow Pipits with intense, abricot-coloured underparts (there was an example here on BF. Thanks to Jane Tuner again!).
Your bird seems to lack distinct/broad/evident streaking to the flanks and I would expect a Meadow Pipit to show streaks there (is this really out of variation???), and I would expect Meadow-Pipit-like streaks to be (just) visible, even in such pictures.
Colouration, including a long and evident white supercilium seems good for a Water Pipit, I agree with you. Caveat: after brightening the pictures up, the rump colour changed to some kind of wrong/strange hue. So: is the picture quality good enough to judge the bird with confidence. My gut feeling is yes, but surely others might have different opinions. Yes, I learned much here about this. Thanks again!

Is it an extremly coloured (Scandinavian) Rock Pipit? Can they show such indistinct/weak streaks to the flanks thst they arent visible here?= is the picture quality good enough to judge this with confidence. My gut feeling is yes, but surely others might have different opinions. Yes, I learned much here about this. Thanks again!

But thats a question that has to be considered here, too imo: how rare is a Water Pipit and how rare is a Rock Pipit. As you surely know, the Lower Oder valley just on the polish-german boarder is an regular wintering area for Water Pipit and they arent rare from autumn to april there. Rock Pipit is a rare vagrant there, away from the Baltic coast. I assume, the situation in NW-Poland is the same. Yes, I read your comment, that Water Pipit was rare this winter there.

Conclusion: I think, picture quality is good enough to ID your bird as a Water Pipit and exclude a Rock Pipit with confidence, when taking distribution into account (as you know, this isnt meant as an offense)


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Thanks Alexander for your explanation and confirmation of my ID.. :)

Last winter the Water Pipits were common around here and I sometimes saw 20-30 at the same time on the wet meadows.. But due to the low temperature and freezing for longer periods since start December, only 2 records has been done so far this year, as far as I can see in the archive in the West Pomeranian area.. Rock Pipits are pretty common in the harbor area from September until start March, but usually not so late in March..

So once again thanks for your clarification.. (y)

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