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Please Explain Odd Robin Nesting Behavior…. (1 Viewer)


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Hey all.

I’ve been curious about the behavior of a Robin that’s built a next right outside my front door. I’m hoping someone can clear it up for me. I am in central Ohio and this concerns a ROBIN.

About a month or so ago a Robin built a nest right outside my door. I would see her many times a day when I took my dog out. During the day she would always leave when I came out but wouldn’t go far and I could watch her waiting to get back to the nest. At night she would remain on the nest even as I would take my dog out the door right below her. I never seen her feeding chicks or heard sounds that would indicate any chicks had hatched. This behavior continued for about 14 days or so, give or take, then she left.

A couple days ago I noticed that a Robin was back on the nest. Naturally I cannot verify that it’s the same Robin as before. I assume it is because I don’t think robins use abandoned nests. It’s the same exact nest.

Anyway, this time the Robin is exhibiting the exact behavior as before. She flies off every time I take my dog out during the day. She’ll stay on the nest very calmly at night when I take the dog out right below her. This has only been going on for 2 or 3 days this time. I check on her every time I go outside. She doesn’t go far at all. She’ll hop around on the ground maybe 20 feet from her nest.

I want to add that I was NOT able to check the nest the last time to see if there were any eggs. I plan to try this time though. I’ll use my phone taped to a stick to see if she’s sitting on eggs this time.

Can anyone explain what’s going on with this mother Robin? Would she sit on an empty nest for a couple weeks, leave and then come back and repeat the behavior?

Please help.
Any info is appreciated.
Thank you all kindly.

It's not unusual for a Robin to exhibit the behavior you've described. Female birds often spend time sitting on their nests to incubate the eggs. After incubation, the eggs hatch, and the parent birds start feeding the chicks. It's possible the Robin is reusing the same nest for a second brood. You can use your phone to check for eggs this time, but be careful not to disturb the nest) Overall, I think you are lucky, so enjoy observing this natural phenomenon))
Thank you for your information. I am always very careful when I go out with my dog either day or night. At night she’ll stay on the nest and she’s so close I could touch the nest with my finger tips. I never make any moves towards her or something that might scare her off. I quickly get in the door and then enjoy watching her through the window in our door. She’s a beautiful bird. In the mornings she is much more skiddish. She’ll fly out as soon as the door starts to open. She won’t go far, usually on the sidewalk about 20 feet away from her nest. She’ll hop around and go back and forth. It’s funny to see.

I hope she has chicks this time. There were no chicks the first time she sat on the nest. I’d love to see her feeding her chicks. I’ll try and get some pics when she leaves so I can see if there’s any eggs. I’ll post any pics I’m able to get.

Thank you again for your contributions.
Have a good weekend!!
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