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Please help me! I have orphaned nestlings (1 Viewer)


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I’m so unbelievably upset right now. I get attached to my back yard critters and I was over the moon happy when a momma bird nested in the rafters of my back patio roof again this year. I took food out in a feeder, twice a day religiously - and made sure she bad fresh water in the bird bath. I heard little peeps a few days ago, maybe 4 or 5 days ago! So i knew the babies hatched. I could see her come and go and watched her feed the babies from the patio doors for a couple days. I noticed this morning that she didn’t return to the nest and figured she was on an extended food run. When I didn’t see her by 9pm Ingot worried since it was a solid 24 hours since I saw her last, and the babies were peeping so loid. I climbed a latter and scooped the nest into a box and there were 3 babies with mouths wide open and Momma bird was DEAD inside the nest ����
I brought the babies inside the basement, buried Momma and fed the 3 of them some wet cat food and hard boiled egg yolks. 2 pooped for me and once seems really weak. The weak one was one of the poopers, so that made me feel a little better.
They’re tiny, only little big of fluff on the wings. No clue what kind of birds.. I’m guessing finch or sparrow?
Nobody (rescues) will answer or call me back and I’m terrified of the babies dying. Does anyone have any advice and any idea what kind of birds these are?
Also, what could’ve killed their Momma? She was laying in the nest and didn’t seem injured. It’s the weirdest thing how she just died in the nest.
Am I better off attempting to raise the babies myself or would another bird foster them if I put them outside? I’m afraid of predators and we have all kinda of birds in the yard (east central PA! that may hurt them too.
Any advice is appreciated.

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delia todd

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Hi Bohemianfeline and a warm welcome to you from all the Staff and Moderators.

What a sad tale and I'm so sorry to hear about. We have some general guidelines here for the care of injured and baby birds. But I really think it is almost impossible to rear such young nestlings.

Nesting in a barn on a rafter sounds very like a Barn Swallow, but there are other species that do this.

Good luck and please let us know the outcome.


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They were in my back porch patio rafters. There’s a semi wooded area behind my backyard that houses a lot of birds and squirrels... usually mourning doves nest in the spot on my porch, but the momma was a smaller bird, like a finch or sparrow. My husband saw another bird fly up to the nest yesterday before i took it down so i wonder if they’re house finches and it was the male coming by with food? I wonder if birds would “adopt” or care for the babies too? I was shocked to find them alive this morning, but so happy! They some how all got huddled together and they ate a little and pooped for me.
I doubt my ability to care for them, so i was hoping I could find foster parents, but hubby is afraid other birds might harm them.
Im at the pet store now buying bird formula and wax worms. I just hope I’m doing the right thing!

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