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Please help with identification (France) (1 Viewer)



Please could someone help identify this beauty, spotted in the Vanoise National Park. I have no idea what it is even when looking at numerous photos online.

If it was a plane I’d have no problem knowing what type - but I just don’t have an ‘eye’ for birds (doesn’t help being colour blond either I guess!

Many thanks


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Richard Prior

Halfway up an Alp
Sorry to disagree, but it looks more Buzzard than Eagle, only five primary fingers instead of six as in Booted Eagle.
Booted Eagle would be unusual in that region as well.
Edit : I’m doubting myself now I’ve looked on a bigger screen, plumage-wise and with that tail it looks more like a Golden Eagle, which is the default Eagle in that area, maybe it’s regrowing its primaries after moult?
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Here's my brightened edit, in case it helps; I don't see any 'landing lights' (what there is, I reckon is just sunlight glinting of the front edge of the wing). Other points that show better are the heavy bill and stout legs: would that support Golden (subadult, I guess?), or is it OK for Booted?


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